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night tremors
5 Replies
hellou - July 3

Hi I have periods where I do not sleep and during these times I get tremors in my body not physically shaking but almost like trembling inside. I don't feel anxious whilst this is happening. Also while I am feeling like this I have rambling thoughts in my head and am very aware that my heart feels heavy and strange. I get a small amount of sleep on and off and then wake up seeing strange blobs floating infront of my eyes. These things last for a period of weeks , settle down for weeks and then come back again. I suppose another mystery of fibro.. does anyone else have this?


terilyn - July 3

"Sleep" ? What's that ? I know what you mean. Sometimes it seems as if you're in a sort of half sleep state all night. Like you're having unsettling "dreams" all the time. Never any good quality sleep without the help of Ambiem, and that doesn't always do it !


BigJohnston - July 5

Xanax can get rid of that but it is a highly addictive drug. Some doctors say if you just take some before bed and not during the day you won't get dependant, but I have to take it every night now and start getting the trembling earlier every evening. But within minutes the Xanax calms me down and makes me want to sleep.


JOEGIRL - July 10

My husband trembles in his sleep a lot. Seems like its inside his body. Not sure what it is butI can feel it when I put my arm around him. He doesn't sleep good and has sleep apaena but hasn't been told he has fibro but I think he might. I have it but so far I don't have the night tremas.I do get shaky late in evening until I take a xanna tho and that helps me sleep.


shula - July 11

I too get the tremors, but for me its a sign that I am getting a FLARE.I feel really shaiky inside, my hands shake and I feel spaced out.


Kim57 - July 11

This is exactly what happened to me years ago when I was taking Zoloft. I only took it less than 2 weeks because I felt I was going to shake right out of my skin.



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