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Night Sweats?
6 Replies
Joyce - May 29

Does anyone suffer with night sweats - is this part of FM


JJ - March 30

Yes to both. I usually feel very cold when I first go to bed, regardless of the temperature in the house (I live in Florida, so this means it is usally pretty warm). I will then become burning hot and sweaty during the night. I think feeling hot and cold like this is a FMS symptom.


Beverly - March 30

Your night sweats can also be caused by some medicatians you might be taking for Fibro I also live in Florida but I don't think my sweats are caused by weather. I keep my hair cut very short as lot's of times both day and night it will all of a sudden become wringing wet.



Jean - April 1

Night sweats have different causes. If you are of the menapausal age this could be your problem. High Blood Pressure can also cause night sweats. Hormonal imbalance. Find the cause and treat it through doctors with good communication skills.


mel - May 28

this is a very complicated issue as ive been, and still am having extensive tests done to solve my night sweats, im only 36 and am not menopausal (been tested)... i was diagnosed with fms in 2001 and hve had these sweats since around then, i also get heavy pounding in my chest and slightly breathless, not to mention the usual constant pain and discomfort... ooooh lets not omit the guilt! well i fell a bit better now after that rant... hope you feel better and will let u no if they find a way to solve the sweats... good luck x


Lynne - May 29

JJ I am also in FL and I am the same ice cold at bedtime but into the night I am sweating. I had my hormone level checked and all appeared to be fine.


Judy - May 29

yes I have the same problem. I wake up some nights having to change my clothes I was worried about it had my hormone levels checked and everything is fine. I think its from the fibro as with everyother systom I seem to have comes from fibro. I also live in Florida..



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