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Night Sweats
6 Replies
lisa1 - November 7

I was wondering if anyone is having a problem with night sweats. It does not happen often but when it does it is really bad and I also feel like my heart is pumping faster. I can actually hear it through the pillow. When it happens I begin to have alot anxiety because not sure what it is and is very scarey. Doc already checked heart, says ok


dalejr62 - November 7

Yes I to have night sweats, it's awful ! I wake up soaking wet,freezing and wondering what the heck is going on? Some times my heart feels like its goin to beat right of my neck! It is scary but yeah that's part of it.:(


Gabbie - November 7

I read that night sweats (I have them also) can be part of fibro but depending on your age, it could also be some "changes" starting. And those changes can begin a little at a time at a much earlier age than you think. There are all sorts of things that can be associate with peri-menopause which is at an age way before the menopause stage. There are a lot of scary things that you may feel and I'd be more than happy to tell you a little about what I had if you are interested. Let me know before I go into some of the things. It may be a combination of both.


lisa1 - November 8

Hi Gabbie, Just a footnote, I had surgercal menopause due to a tumor that resulted in a full hysterectomy at the age of 35. It's funnny, I had no menapausal symptoms after my operation. Maybe that is what is happening now along with everything else.I would be happy to here what you have to say. It always helps hearing from you. On another note, about my spouse not being that supportive because there is nothing wrong. I just came back from 4 hours in the emergency room with him because his knee was acting up and swelling and he was concerned. Kind of ironic that I was there to hold his hand during one of the worst flare ups I have had in months. When the doctor came in to the room to examine him, he looked at me and asked me if I was alright and wanted me to sit down.Can you believe it. I did not want to minimize my spouse's condition but I thought that was kind of funny...Hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you.


Gabbie - November 8

Lisa1. My mother-in-law had a hysterectomy in her 30's and she didn't have any menopause symptoms after the surgery either. However, she started having them when she approached the perimenopause/menopause age so if that's where you are at, then maybe that's what the sweats are all about. I've been getting them, for what seems like forever and sometimes I have the heart palpitations along with it. I don't know if it's because of the rush of intense heat or the anxiety that I have because it keeps waking me up on some nights. What I do know is that in the middle of winter, my husband is up to his neck in comforters and snoring and I'm in my summer pj's flipping my pillow over to find a cool spot. There's also the fuzzy thinking, mood swings, daytime hot-flashes with nausea and so on. Some of the other things are exactly like fibromyalgia symptoms, so women with fibro get a double whammy. Try not to get too frustrated with your husband or anyone else that may try, but can't really understand fibro. It's not going to change anyone and it certainly won't make you feel any better. As I mentioned to you at another time, I have a wonderful family and they say they understand and help when they can but no one really and truly gets it , unless they walk in our shoes. So I figure we fibro-people either let that realization go or allow it to anger us even more allowing more pain and fibro symptoms in. I choose to let it go and try to continue being as "normal" and fun-loving as I can be even on the days when everything hurts. It usually works for me. So does this forum as I've been given some help that I didn't even know I needed. Hope I can help others also.


Olivia2020 - November 9

I have never gotten night sweats but I become very hot when I sleep. Even if its 70 in the house. My husband says when he gets next to me at night I feel so hot all the time. So once in a while as a joke I take my temp to see how "hot" I really am, and I end up having low grade fevers all the time..? Not just during ovulation. Can Fibro cause a fever?


Gabbie - November 9

Olivia2020, I think it's every woman's hope to be called hot, ha ha. Couldn't resist being silly for a moment. Seriously, when I first started researching fibro on line I remember reading in a few places that low grade fevers were a symptom. Of course I don't remember what sites, but I found that if you type in the word fibromyalgia and then the name of the symptom right after that when you search the web, it will bring you to sites that have that particular fibro related problem. That's how I came upon this site and this forum which is such good "therapy" to talk to others with the same thing. It is really amazing how many health problems can be connected to fibro and while it's not fun having all this awful stuff, at least we know that what we are feeling is very real.



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