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kimzsoa - December 18

Jan 1 will be 1 yr of being married to a wonderful husband...had 2 extremely bad ones, not knowing much about this syndrome, and the pain pretty much just coming on the past 4-5 months I am feeling a bit guilty. He married me thinking I am oh so healthy, am a vegetarian, jog daily etc. Scared about what the future will hold and how bad this really might get..just wanted to share with friends who may understand where I am coming from. I know he will love me regardless but I don't want to put him, along with myself through know, drag him down with me. He is absolutely the sweetest man I have ever met and deserves the very best. His ex left him and 5 kids for another man...2 are grown and 3 more plus 2 of my 6 at home.


kimzsoa - December 18

PS...I have taken more naps this past yr than the 17 I was married to my 2nd husband..have never been a nap person and normally had tons of energy so slowing down and wanting to sleep all the time is scary...of course I push myself but now and then I just have to nap no matter what.


axxie - December 20


Happy you finally found someone who cares about you, please don't feel guilty, you are probably napping because of the brood of children in the household.

Remember fibromyalgia is not a death sentence, the pain can be controlled, eating right, taking your time and not getting overwhelmed will help.

Remember the more frazzle you are, symptoms feel worse.

I am truly happy for you that you have married to a wonderful man, but I am sure that he feels the same about you.


kimzsoa - December 20

Yes, he is very understanding and so supportive. My brood of children, lol...has shrunk as I have 6 children of my own...2 grown, 2 with dad, and 2 here with me, and of his 5 we have 3. I used to do day care on top of that and that is definately a brood, lol...and, did cause me alot of stress as much as I loved it, and that is when I began noticing my first symptoms that I never linked together til now but have never been a nappr. Glad his kids and even Steve take them often so I don't feel quite so guilty but not liking the fact my body is slowing down and I can no longer function at WonderWoman speed...and, I expect it will continue to go down but will just take it One Day At A Time :)


LiccleMonster - December 20


one thing i found that helps is not to dwell on it and keep yourself occupied, knowing what fibro is and does helps but its best to not think about it or the effects it does. Try to live normally as you have done previously (advice from my doctor), keeping busy is something that helps me but dont overdo it. I was getting rid of snow from my buried car and the next day was terrible for me.

I know my limits now and the best thing i can suggest is learn from mistakes, know your limits and try not to push them, so far its helped me and hopefully it will help you.

Take Care,



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