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Newly Diagnosed - Unususal symptoms
11 Replies
EmmyBoo - April 20

Hi all,

I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalga by my internist, but my neurologist is still running tests as some synptoms don't quite match up. Along with the many symptoms that goes with FMS, I have also had a couple of seizures and have a difficulty swollowing - Anyone else out there with this sort of thing going on?



lucky13 - April 20

Multiple Sclerosis can have symptoms simular to Fibro and difficulty swallowing can also be a symptom, not sure of the seizures.
It's good you still have a Dr trying to find out what is wrong. I hope you can figure it out.


Pikespeak - April 22

I had problems swallowing a few years back. My doc referred me to a gastro doc who did an upper GI procedure. My esophagus was narrowing, so he widened it--much like you stretch a ring. I've been perfect ever since, but he told me it can narrow again...I also know that swallowing can have to do with your tongue's movement. Don't wait around on this...


mdak - April 22

I have had FM for many years and suffer from seizures. But I have to say that my seizures was caused by medicatons. My medications were interacting together the wrong way. I have to be real careful what I take now. Any side effects that list seizures I stay away from.


Cher0208 - April 23


Look up Epstein Barr Virus. I have it or hopefully had it and it's dormant but it causes my throat to get very tight. I don't have difficulty swallowing but that is one of the symptoms. (Doctor's can test you for it through a blood test)

My immune system is greatly improving due to diet change and thank goodness I haven;t had the throat thing in a while!

Best of luck to you!


kvc33 - April 24

I felt like I had a lump in my throat for years. I took and anti-viral herbal tincture and it went away never to return.


January - April 25

kvc - do you remember the name of the tincture you took? I'm reading up a lot on viruses and their relation to FMS. Thanks.


new2fibro - April 28

I'm new to fibro, too. Is a quivering feeling from your head, down your neck, down you spine and into your arms and legs caused by fibro? Man, it makes me crazy! Especially after I take a nap or first thing in the morning. Have so much to learn about this disease! Thanks.


EmmyBoo - May 5

Thanks all for your comments. My neurologist is still running tests, and I don't think MS has been completely ruled out yet.

Another question - Is anyone on gabapentine? I am on it for seizures and leg pain. I think it is helping for the pain but suspect I should up the dose. Any comments/thoughts?


Fantod - May 5

EmmyBoo - I take gabapentin but a pretty low dose (100mg). Like any other drug sometimes you have to tinker with the doseage or change to something else to get the desired effect. Good luck and take care.


EmmyBoo - May 6

I am on 300mg but just uped it to 600mg. It is a hard drug to go on but I think it is helping with the fatigue and fogginess. No help with the leg pain though.


amymarie - May 12

i dont get seizures but have been diagnosed with fibro for about four yrs and am starting having promblems with swallowing



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