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Newly diagnosed
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Sallya101 - December 12

5 weeks ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and prescribed with synthroid and I was so hopeful that I would feel better but no I was told by a rheumatologist that I have fibromyalgia....and prescribed lyrica and to be honest after reading the side effects I am a little dubious. I just want to feel better or at least understand what is really wrong. Any thoughts about lyrica?


Fantod - December 12

Hello Sallya101 - Welcome to the group. There is a lot of good information on this site. Take some time to read through all of the information on the lefthand side of this page.

Fibromyalgia FMS) is not well understood by the medical community or the people who have it. FMS is essentially a short circuit of the central nervous system. The pain receptors get stuck in the on position. The mechanism that causes this is not understoond but it is usually associated with a trauma of some sort or a high level of chronic pain (such as arthitis). Some people appear to more susceptbile than others.

FMS only responds to certain classes of medication which must be prescribed. OTC pain medication does not work. They are usually anti-depressants in low doses which will address the pain associated with FMS. Lyrica and Cymbalta are two popular choices and have proven effective in combating the pain. Chronic pain is tricky to handle. It is better to be on a low dose of medication than only take it when you need it. Once you get locked into a pain cycle because you are not taking medication regularly it becomes extremely difficult to manage or stop. Some people do quite well on Lryica. The most common complaint seems to be weight gain. I have been on Cymbalata for about a year and not had any problems. I feel it has helped quite a bit.

FMS requires additional rest and careful planning. You must be aware of what your body is telling you at all times. One day of reckless abandon could cause a major flare which will make life difficult for several days or weeks. Most of us find that we can still have a life. The difference is that we know when to stop, when to say "no", and when to break a task down into more managable increments. Nutrition is very important and I find that a high protein diet spread out into many small meals during the day works best.

If you would prefer to wait and get a second opinion, go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask them for a referral to a FMS-friendly rheumy in your area. Not all rheumotolgists are created equal. Some are better informed than others and willing to try different therapies. I use Cymbalta for pain and depression, Amitriptyline for sleep and gabapention for nerve pain. It does take some tinkering to get the right medication combination and doseage. You might also consider getting a pain specialist.

I hope that my comments are helpful to you in some way. Take care and keep in touch. Happy Holidays!


toots2889 - December 12

Welcome Sally! Sorry to hear that youve been diagnosed with this. Its what I call my evil monster! Theres days where he just picks on me(which are good days)then theres days where hes hanging all over me(which are moderate to painful days)and last but not least are the days he is full blown attack(which are very bad painful days).Its easier for my children if i put it in these terms so they can better understand.
I was on Lyrica for over a year.I didnt have much success with it.I didnt notice much relief, and I put on alot of weight(over 40 pds). I recently went off and started taking cymbalta. I feel alot better since I switched(its been about 4 wks). Everyone reacts differently so really its a hit and miss until you see what works for you.Good luck and stay in touch. Many fibro hugs.


Anne Hillebrand - December 16

Check your temperature yourself. If thyroid meds are right for you, it should be 97.8

You should also check saliva pH just in case.

Go onto a variety of FMS message boards and see if others have had any benefit from the Lyrica.



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