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Newly diagnosed--help!!!
4 Replies
mommyuvgirls - March 25

Hi everyone!
I'm 28 and was just officially diagnosed last week. I am having troubles deciphering what pains are FMS and what pains are maybe something else? My diagnosis was not surprising, I'd suspected it for 8 years. I had a lot of pain in my hips and knees but also my legs just ached consistently. Hot baths were a life saver, sometimes more than one a day. Each year it just kept getting worse in my legs and last year I noticed it in my shoulders.

But December is when all hell broke loose. I woke up one morning and every joint in my body was on fire. I just hurt everywhere. Since then, the pain is more particularly troublesome in my hands and feet, ankles and wrists.

So my question is--does anyone else have troubles with the feet and hands so much? My fingers just kill and the mid joint is particularly sore, almost feels swollen sometimes. Is this common with FMS? Anyone else have hand weakness?

Also, is tingling in the hands and feet common too?

The rheumy suspected maybe I had something else along with FMS but all my blood tests came back normal. They ran a full RA panel and everything is normal. So now I'm just wondering if ALL the pain I'm feeling is all related to FMS...

Thank you for your support...I don't really know who to talk to and I'm beyond frustrated! Doc gave me amitriptalin and an anti-inflammatory, told me to sleep, exercise, and lose the 10 pounds I gained since December. I'm not sure how to sleep when I hurt so bad, exercise when my body feels like crud, or lose weight when I can't exercise. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!


Libbyk - March 25

I too suffer from pain in my fingers, hands, arms and also my elbows. The pain wakes me during the night. I sometimes have pins and kneedles too. You are not alone in your suffering, when i was first diognosed i had to wear arm and wrist suppports which helped a lot but now i swim whenever i can and i feel this has helped tremendously and dont need the supports any longer. Yes i would say your pain is related to FMS, i am still trying to control the pain after 5 years. Dont know if anyone out there is on meds which work. i am Tramadol but am struggling with the side effects and in the process of weaning off this drug. Being inactive causes weight gain and is very difficult to shift.


feelinghopeless - March 25

You are living my life!! I was also just officially diagnosed and my life has been turned upside down the past year or so. I haven't begun any treatments yet because of issues with the insurance company. The pins and needles are very irritating and the pain makes it impossible to sleep. If you find something that helps, please let me know.


axxie - March 25

I too started with the same pain but it has now progressed to my neck and shoulder. I find that when it's damp outside or cold it's much worse then when it's hot and nice outside. Sometimes I use wrist support sometimes I used hot compresses, hot baths, sometimes the only thing I can do is take my sleeping pill and go to bed. That's when I cannot stand it anylonger or I'll go beserk.

As for the dear lady who has problems with insurance, you need to get onboard with your physicians and make sure they send it the paperwork and then call the insurance that you will be calling them every day until they submit. How the hell are you suppose to cope with pain when they won't even approve medication. There's sometime wrong in this picture.

The only thing I can say is I"m happy I don't have to deal with insurance companies. I just hope with Obama is doing will help you all.


solanadelfina - March 26

Welcome to you both. I wanted to pass on some at home things that seem to help a bit until treatment can be started.

For exercise, range-of-motion stretches are great to start with. I do them every morning and night to loosen things up and cut down on the pain. Start small- if you can only do one or two on a joint, that's fine. I also swear by hot baths :), massages from family members, heated mattress pads in the winter time, and knowing when to just stop and rest a bit. Walking or swimming or yoga or dance are other exercises that can help. Make sure to go at your own pace.

What's your diet like? A lot of us have trouble with things like gluten, dairy, sugar, or new food sensitivities/allergies that we've never had before. It's a good idea to keep a food diary with your symptoms to see if anything bothers you.
Caffeine can also pose a problem in some cases for sleeping at night.

Most important is to get a good night's sleep. Make sure the bed is comfy, clear your mind before hitting it, and establish a routine that tells your body it's bedtime.

Feel free to bring any questions, rants, etc. to us. Take care.



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