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Newly diagnosed...have suspected for awhile.
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Kim57 - July 11

Hi everyone. I'm a 52 year old married mother of 2 grandmother of 1. I have suspected for years that I had Fibromyalgia but never took the steps to find out for sure until a couple of weeks ago when I finally made an appointment with my GP. She asked the usual questions, drew 4 vials of blood and then did the pressure point thing. She confirmed at least 8 to 10. I hear that you must have at least 11 out of 18. Blood work came back I did not have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I think everything else came back ok also. I go back next week to talk further with her.
She suspects the Fibro and will probably want me to try Cymbalta from previous conversation. I have read many good and then some not so good things about it. More good than not.

Now..back to the discussion. My questions (and I have too many to ask) is does anyone feel like total crap for several mornings at a time...then maybe not at all on other mornings? I get up with my hands, wrists, shoulders, (sometimes hips) and...believe it or feet are stiff. I'm talking about the muscles on the top of my feet. After about an hour..everything loosens up. But by the end of the day, especially after working I feel like I have been run over by a steam engine. I have fatigue, mild depression and general body aches and pains.
Now, one more question...I'm sure you all are anxious for me to get this over with so I'll make it short.
Do you feel better when you're kept occupied? Like being around family, vacationing, doing something you love ie. hobbies, etc? I notice when I can keep my mind off of it, I feel pretty good.
Ok..I'm done for now. Sorry to rattle on.


Kim57 - July 11

Oh and one more thing. Is it common for joints to hurt more so than the muscles? Seems like mine is more joint related.


solanadelfina - July 12

Hi, Kim, and welcome. Feel free to bring any and all questions- that's what we're here for. And to trade funny stories or rants, as the case may be. :)

Oh, yes, the morning stiffness is a very common symptom. I can't function until I've done my morning range-of-motion exercises, had my tramadol, and visited all of my webcomics. I also feel exhausted after a day of work and will often take little ten minute breaks during my shifts to go to the break room and lay down on the couch with my iPod. They help immensely when you're at the point that standing isn't possible, let alone being nice to customers.

Definitely keeping your mind filled with fun things instead of the fibro helps. Like I said, I start my day off with webcomics, play on a videogame fan website, and also have gotten back into bellydance. It can be difficult when the symptoms are daunting, but fibro is just one part of our lives. A part that's supposed to be as small as possible.

Joint pain was actually my first symptom that hung on for eight years before my diagnosis. Stretching, going to the chiropractor, hot baths, and massages can all help out in addition to medications.

Good luck getting a treatment plan started, and keep us posted. Take care. :)


Sonja44 - July 12

Yes, in a "normal" day I feel like one big purple skwishy bruise. "Bad" days are when I can barely lift a glass of water due to extreme forearm pain...and my feet feel like swollen balloons when I walk (not to mention the pain in my knees, hips, and back).

I think everyone with Fibro can relate to feeling like we've been run over by a steam roller at one time or another (or daily).

Laughter helps me feel some relief...thus my poodles. They are quite entertaining.

Joint and muscle pain is a constant for me. Tendons and ligaments in the joint are typical culprits.


Kim57 - July 13

Yesterday I went to the lake with my family and was achy all day. Today however..not achy but really tired again. One day day achy..what gives?



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