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Newly Diagnosed and confused
4 Replies
jennmommi - June 17

I was diagnosed with fibro about 4 months ago by my chiropractor. I am confused. I had heard of it but am not sure what exactly it is that I have and how to make my pain, headaches and other symptoms get better.

I have depression, anxiety disorders, urinary problems, crippling headaches, eye pain, chemical sensitivity, sinus problems, dry eyes, itchy skin, fatigue, muscle spasms, and general pain. I thought it was just because I gained 80 pounds when I was pregnant with my twins in 2004 and that I needed to lose more weight (I lost 30 pounds then plateaued). I have 50 pounds to lose, but despite diet and exercise, I am not losing.

The chiro did not give me anything for this including advice. I see him once a month and fell better but only for a few hours after my visit. By the next morning I am stiff and in pain. I am in a small town and don't know who I shouold talk to about this diagnosis.

Where do I start?


Fantod - June 17

I am very sorry to hear about your situation, You need to find a rheumotologist immediately. They are the physicians that typically treat FMS. There is a lot of good information on this site - the best most of us have found. Take some time to read through the information and the general discussion area. You are not alone.


neuro1 - June 18

Sorry to hear about your situation.
If you live in a referral free area head to either a rheumatologist or a neurologist (I would recommend a rheumie to start with). If you don't have referral free- start with your family doc (a DO is usually a great place to start as a continuing care family physician (FP)) and have them refer you to one of the specialties above. What you're describing is almost always the case with chiropractic work. It lasts only a very short period of time. And as a Neuroscientist, I would tell you you to think quite carefully about the manipulations performed by a chiropractor.


lumper - June 19

I was also diagnosed by my chiropractor, who also happens to be my brother. He suggested a supplement called Fibroplex that I have been taking and he has insisted that I see a rheumatologist. I haven't been yet but am going. I have been dealing with symptoms for many years but only was diagnosed recently. My brother has treated me symptomatically but we didn't put all the symptoms together until recently. The fibroplex does seem to help. Good luck!


Peg - June 19

An understanding Rheumatologist is what helped me in the beginning, then I was able to switch over to my general physician (D.O.) He prescribes my meds. I am so sorry you have FM. The symptoms do get less intense over time. The meds I take allow me to be functional. Peg



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