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Newly Diagnosed...need direction.
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Tracy M in Oregon - March 3

I just got my FM diagnosis this week, and am still reeling. I cannot imagine living with this kind of pain forever. Is there a support group/forum/email list that has lots of info and people's stories? I need to know how people deal...what they take for pain, etc. this a progressive thing? Does it get worse than this? I have pain I would say is similar to a really bad flu...just all my muscles EVERYWHERE hurt...and the pain wakes me up sometimes. I have IBS (I think...makes sense) and have at times suffered despression. I also have low thyroid function, but not by much.

Classic, right? I knew it...but didn't want to know.

Please...anything you can tell me.


Pam - February 24

Tracy, there are a lot of things that doctors don't know about fibromyalgia and it can be pretty darned frustrating to try to get the help you really need and at the time you need it. You may have the assumption that there is nothing you can do but to take pills and just deal with it. I tried that route for over 4 years and kept getting sicker. I turned my back on standard treatment and regained my health and am back to work as a nurse. A lot of people (including your doctor) may tell you that diet has nothing to do with it. Don't listen. Diet has a lot to do with it. Eat ONLY good clean food. This is not a good time to dive into comfort foods. My best advice to you as you start this journey is to re-think what you put in your body and what you expose your body to. The next thing is to think about how you can get junk out of your body (colon cleanses, drink extra water, sit in a sauna and sweat...). The third thing is to give your body the support it needs in the form of vitamins and minerals in a really good supplement. If you choose this approach and stay with it, you will feel better. Here is a list of foods that cause lots of problems (just avoid them for a while): wheat, corn, pasteurised dairy products, eggs, peanuts, shellfish, pork. Strange list isn't it? I hope you feel better, Tracy.


coco - February 26

there is a diet called the candida diet...
and most of the foods you mentioned are on it as a no no
i know someone on this and she is sympton free 90 percent of the time


Cassie - February 26

I am going to do a Total body and Colon Cleanse and I saw that there was a Candida cleanse as well... Has anyone done this and was it helpful?


Jean - March 3

Really it is individualised as to what medication works best for you you just have to find the right ones by trial and error and go from there. There really isn't just one answer, there are several so start with your rheumatologist then your primary care and then your therapist if you decide to have one, it helps to have one.



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