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Newly diagnosed... HELP!!!
4 Replies
ashbrook - June 29

Hi everyone,
I am a newly diagnosed 23 year old female. It was a relief to finally get a diagnosis for all my pain and fatigue yet very scary since I don't know anyone with fibromylagia. Everyone has always thought I was a hypochondriac since I am only 23 they figured I couldn't be in this much pain but some days my body feels so old and stiff. I was wondering if anyone could give me a few suggestions on litting things that could help me reduce the pain. I have tried to read up on it. I don't want to have to quit my job but because I am at a computer 8-10 hours a day and commute in traffic, I know this is the cause for some of my flare-ups. I used to do pilates all the time but I wasn't for sure if I should quit since sometimes that tends to aggrevate my symptoms. Sorry to have rambled... but just glad I might be able to get some answers from people that truly understand what I am going thru. Thanks!


Steen - June 29

I am 18 and was diagnosed in March of this year. I too was labeled a hypochondriac as a child, and even now one of my friends continues to label me that way when I complain of the aches and pains. I have yet to find anything that prevents my flareups, but stretching does seem to do a lot of good. I also have an inversion table, which helps to stretch out my back. Unfortunately, it tends to hurt my ankles and knees if used too often or for too long, so if you decide to go that route, look into one that is easy on your joints. I've also found that when my knees especially are troublesome, wearing a brace during activity sometimes helps to alleviate the pain. Hope I helped a little, email me anytime! steenary AT


Fantod - June 30

Hello ashbrook, Welcome to the board. You did not mention what, if any, medications your doctor has prescribed. I would suggest that you take some time to read through the various posts on this site. There is a lot of good information and, if nothing else, you will not feel so alone. If you can continue to do Pilates, I would recommend it highly. It is best to do some form of exercise no matter how lousy you feel. As far as pain reduction goes, Cynbalta, gabapentin or Lyrica are all drugs used to treat FMS. Are you getting a decent amount of sleep? If not, your muscles will really hurt as they are not rested. Amitriptyline is used to help with sleep distubances associated with FMS. You have to take care of you no matter what anyone else thinks or says about your health. If you let people or things push you around the end result is a flare up that will set you back even more. It is definitely hard to find a balance in this crazy world. You might see if your local hospital (physician referral) has any information on a FMS support group. It is a much more common condition than you think. Feel free to ask any questions, we've all been new at some time or another. Take care.


ides of march - July 3

Have you tried yoga? Start with just a few breathing exercices and a stretch or two. Treat your body with kid gloves and listen to it. If something hurt, back up to what doesn't hurt. You may have to lessen your work load someday. You will probably fight that and grieve the loss of your old body that had no limits. Knowledge is your best friend from now on. Forums like this and any info you can gather will be your life-if you want a life. Best wishes for better days. S


ashbrook - July 14

Thanks so much for the support. My doctor had first put me on Elavil at night for sleep and then meloxicam during the day. I had to get off the elvail because of the side effects and so she has put me on Pamelor but that doesn't seem to help me sleep. I will sometimes take the vicoprofen if I get in inbearable pain but like many people do not want to get addicted so I try and stay away from that route. I have noticed that when I don't walk my daily walk that I feel worse the next day so I am really trying to keep that routine up its just sometimes it is to hard to work thru the pain. I guess I will just be taking it day by day. I go again to the rhematologist at the end of the month to get re-evaluated on the medications. Thanks again for all the support!!



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