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newly diagnosed
4 Replies
busheysurfer - November 8

Hi glad to have found this site bad 7 months but think had it for years had tooth out in april then probs started i even thought they had used dodgy tools as felt like whole body poisoned had lots of antibiotics body didnt like them as 15 years ago had to have thyroid out due to attacking immune system they then thought had lupus but over years had fatigue achy muscles and joints but just got on with it but since the dental work my life been turned upside down an all med doc at hos diagnosed fibro thats after being told labyrinthytis docs want to give me amatriplene but still deciding as first hour in bed sleep well then thats it for the night what with restless legs etc can anybody tell me if they feel abit shaky and jittery in the moning and also say if watching tele does anyone get a weird feeling that just runs through your body and then get a weird crawling sensation in your head and back nice to read everyones posts thanks daymac


Virg - November 8

Hi busheysurfer...YUP except for the Thyroid problem I've had all the symptoms you've described (diagnosed for ll years) Ametriplene did not fair well with me though. The weird feelings of something racing or crawling up the body while trying to relaxe was the real odd thing. They have now being replaced with very sore achy tired muscles. Thats how it seems to go on, one symptom would be replaced by another. Take care!


barbar - December 17

Hey, can you check in and let us know how you're doing?


busheysurfer - February 7

Hi barbar just seen your reply not had time to go on here much as i moved house and then christmas plus i get alot of dizziness and found sitting in front of pc all day made me worse and i dont no if its just coicidense but havent been as dizzy since not sitting in front of pc


busheysurfer - February 7

oops stupid me maybe i should read all posts before i reply to anyone as havent been on for a while just read about barbar so so sorry and hope i havent affended anyone



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