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Newer antidepressants risky in older people?
2 Replies
January - September 15

I took this from the STL Today site on Yahoo today:

"British researchers studied more than 60,000 people older than 65 who had depression. Their findings were surprising.

Overall, they found that people who took old-fashioned tricyclic antidepressants were less likely to die than those taking the more modern antidepressants. Two commonly used drugs, trazodone and mirtazapine (Remeron), were associated with the highest death rate and the highest risk of attempted suicide.

Taking SSRIs also produced side effects, such as stroke, falls, fractures, seizures and low sodium. High doses appear to be more likely to cause side effects.

This study has raised major questions about the potential dangers of antidepressants for older people. It is important to realize that behavioral therapy is as effective at treating depression as are drugs. I believe doctors should shift back to trying psychotherapy before prescribing drugs to treat depression in older people.

Patients should discuss with their physicians the potential side effects of tricyclics compared to SSRIs and question using behavior therapy as a first line attack on depression."

It seems most people have forgotten that psychotherapy works really well -- IF you have a good psychotherapist. I started various antidepressants around 40 and suffered falls, low sodium and low potassium, high potassium, plus insomnia, weight loss, weight gain, anxiety, panic, irritability, dizziness, depersonalization, worsening depression and stomach problems i never had before. Also the antidepressants interacted badly with many other drugs causing odd symptoms. Five years off that stuff, and I'm finally somewhat normal, except my stomach is still very sensitive. Who knows the long term bad side effects...


Noca - September 17

Well seeing as I ain't older than 65 it has nothing to do with me I guess. Neither are my parent's.


January - September 17

You may not be 65 yet, but you will be before you know it. And if you work in the field, it would be to your advantage to know this… : )



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