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Newbie w/ FM, Hip Bursitis, Bipolar... Hurting...
14 Replies
gimmeemo - September 28

I'm new to this forum and also newly diagnosed w/ FM, Bursitis and Bipolar Disorder. I haven't been able to work for a long time and got approved for DSHS assistance thank goodness.I have been trying to research all of these diagnose's and realize that most of you won't be able to read this whole post, so I'll try to get right to the point. I have such SEVERE pain in my hips and have just finished a "rule out" 6 session treatment with a PT for Bursitis, however, he cannot get a deep massage which is needed for Bursitis, due to the FM tenderness. Has anyone experienced the crippling, make me vomit, excrutianting, can't walk, feels like my hip has shattered and the bone shards are stabbing and scraping across my whole hip area type pain w/ FM, or is it are they going to treat both? I'm too exhausted with the physical exertion and naseau, and extreme rib and side pain that I have to stop now....hope to hear from someone, anyone soon....wish my doctor had just told me I had 6 months to live rather than go through this for the rest of my life...sleepless in Seattle...


JJ1 - September 28

I wish I could offer you some words to ease your pain, but there aren't any words that can help. May you find some comfort that the symptons can come and go, so you should definitely be able to look forward to some good days, hopefully many many good days.


Robin1237 - September 28

I personally think that everything you're describing are symptoms of Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that inflames the nerves and soft tissues. Go read at Now what I did, before I found out my FM is Lyme, is I was flunking all therapies for the hip/pelvic area, whether pt or massage. So I got in a pool, put a torso float on to hold me up, wore snorkel and goggles so as to be able to breathe underwater, and then I literally ordered myself to start to move the pelvic/hip area! It was very painful at first. I worked with any stretch I could do, even the smallest ones. I found doing the splits against the sides of the pool very helpful, in all different angles. I think there's like 35 muscles that are said to be involved in the pelvic area, so that's a lot of varied angle stretching to explore. And little by little, I got the pelvic/hip area to stretch out, and got the pain to go down because I was now able to get more bloodflow in the tight tissues. I also did very light lapswimming inbetween the stretching to increase circulation and stay warmer. I treated myself with poolwork successfully before I ever found out my condition was due to a bacterial infection. And I still get in the pool once a week to do tune-up stretching, but I don't hurt like I used to anymore because of that work. So this is a therapeutic intervention that I propose to anyone to try.


melvian - October 30

I have bursitis of the rt hip. I understand your pain.


Fantod - October 31

Hello -I can relate to your description of hip pain having bursitis in both. It is particularly severe on the left side. I often feel like someone is driving a spike into it. Walking, standing or trying to sleep and not turning over on the worst side is horrible. I spent six months in physical therapy which was a complete waste of time and money. I would like to suggest a couple of options to you. First of all, ask your doctor to write a script for Ketoprofen in 20 or 30 percent strength. This is a topical pain killing cream that does not get into your blood stream. It has to made by a compound pharmacy. Most compound pharmacies will accept fax or phone orders and ship medication if it is not convenient to where you live. Ketoprofen must be used on clean skin - never use it without cleaning the skin with rubbing alcohol first. You can heighten the pain killing effect by using a layer of saran wrap over your hip for NO MORE than 2 hours. It has worked very well for me. Did you know that fresh pineapple has an enyzme which helps break up bursitis? If you get tired of eating it, try taking bromelain and quercetin. You can get these items from a health food store. The higher the GDU on the bromelain the better. As always, be careful when using homeopathic remedies. Last but not least, if you don't want or have not considered a cortisone shot try sarapin. Prolonged use of cortisone damages tissue. Sarapin is a natural pain killer made from the pitcher plant. I have used cortisone and sarapin and think they work equally as well. For my money, the sarapin is better because it can be given more often with no known side effects. You may have to find a holistic doctor to get a sarapin injection. Accupuncture is also very good for pain control. I've used it to treat pain and found it to be fantastic. I know what it feels like to be very discouraged with the physical symptoms of FMS and bursitis. Some days it is just about more than I can bear. When the bursitis was really bad I thought I was going to lose my mind because of the pain. I hope you will consider some or all of the remedies I am offering. They have helped me and having been there, I know how terrible you must be feeling. None of the things I am offering will probably cure you but they should, over time, help alleivate some of the symptoms. Big hug and best of luck to you.


Gavin - October 31

Robin FM is a diagnosis by exclusion, Lymes should already have been investigateed and if not should be by all means but I would suspect most Rheumy's know what they are doing so let her pursue her aim of positively influencing her FM experience without your naysaying. I dont know what stake you have in the drug company for cure of Lymes but your repeated posts to people who are trying to get information on FM as Lyme's is counterproductive. Linked diseases including Lymes can also be found on the home page, If there is honestly such a concern about misdiagnosis please make your own post of that topic and let people who are in doubt come to you, dont try and force the horse to drink.


charliebrown - November 1

Hello Gimmeemo. I have found IMS therapy to be extremely helpful for this type of pain. I mean immediate relief. Follow up with some daily stretching exercises which you should be able to do the next day, not to mention the rush of energy you will have for a few days afterwards. You will be a bit tender though. Try it you won't be sorry. Check your area for physiotherapists that do this. Not too many as it is a fairly new treatment.


LBB - November 1

I too have been experiencing a lot of pain in my right hip. It especially painful in a sitting position, which unfortunately I have a desk job. I went to my general practioner who felt it was bursitis and prescribed anti-inflammatory medication. Unfortunately, this did not help eliviate the discomfort. I decided to see a orthopedic specialist. They did hip x-rays, but the films looked good. I am going to start some PT to hopefully help with pain and getting more movement in the hip joint. I have been doing some research on my own as well. Has anyone ever heard of Intramuscular Stimulation or tried it? I woud appreciate any feedback. :)


LBB - November 1

Oops, Charlie Brown I did not read your post regarding IMS. I would love to hear some more info. on this type of therapy. Do insurance companies cover this? Thank you! :)


Gabbie - November 2

My knees and hips are the worst areas for fibro pain. There are many pressure points of fibro, two of which are in the area of the hips, one on each side and the pain can radiate from those spots to the entire hip area and sometimes down the legs. (I used to think it was sciatica) If you look up the symptoms you can usually find a diagram of where the points are. When I have days of unbelieveable pain in the hips (and knees also) and I apply lidocaine cream (prescribed by my rheum) to the pressure points and cover them with a bandaid to keep the cream in place. It almost sounds "too easy" but It really works on numbing the area and relieves so much of the pain, I would recommend you ask your doctor about it. I can almost "hear" how frustrated you are, which is pretty normal especially being newly diagnosed. Stay with this forum and "talk" to the many people here. It won't take you pain away, but it helps to know that there are many others who can truly relate to what you are feeling.


charliebrown - November 4

LBB. IMS treatments are much like acupuncture, except they are "deep needled into affected muscles. The affected muscle will actually grab on to the needle and you can feel the spasm quite strongly. Please check up more accurate info on a IMS website. It is very facinating how it works. Another product I have found very helpful is called MuscleMist. It works much like the lidocaine. It comes from Canada and you should be able to find the web site for it as well. If I could, I would bathe in it. It certainly brings the pain level down a few points for a few hours. Worth trying!


gimmeemo - November 14

Thank you Everyone (except Robin) for your responses. And thanks Gavin for telling Robin to lay off. It's hard enough to get the energy to do ANYTHING w/o spending time looking at pointless websites which have nothing to do with my illness. I hope I don't get a virus from her website! I truly appreciate all your kind thoughts and terrific ideas. I'm on Amytriptiline at night and Tramadol during the day. Don't know if those a really helping or not. The pain has moved into my upper torso, back, neck and even my head now. Every day I find a new spot. The pain has thankfully subsided a little in my hips but the severety of attacks in my ribs and chest has increased so much that I'm afraid to drive in case one comes on. I thought I was having a heart attack at first. I'm trying to get into a CFS/Fibro clinic, but it takes months to get an appt. I'm going to definately print this out and ask my gp about these medications and pain relievers you've all suggested. I can also get acupuncture treatments but have only been able to get to one session. And the chair was so uncomfortable for me that I couldn't manage the whole time. Could hardly walk for two days after either. Might be counterproductive right now, until I get a handle on the pain. I hope the worst is over and that it is moving up and OUT! Thank you again everyone...I'll check in again on my next good day! God bless you all!


Fantod - November 14

Gimmeemo - With regards to accupuncture the pain will pretty much always be worst after a treatment and then start to subside over time and more accupuncture. I have found it to be very helpful and highly recommend it even with the flare associated with treatment. I wish you better days ahead - let us know how you are doing.


Gabbie - November 14

gimmeemo, Fibro is frustrating because it seems that just when you feel a little better, new pains arrive in another part of the body. I'm experiencing more pain the last couple of weeks but I'm thinking it's the weather changes. It's getting colder and when that's combined with a damp day, it really hurts. Is the weather cold/damp where you are? As I mentioned before, the lidocaine cream, although not even close to a cure-all, does make the pain bearable, at least in some areas. Maybe along with the treatments that you are using, it may help you also. I wish you well.


gimmeemo - November 28

Thanks again everyone for the new posts. Yes Gabby, I live in Seattle and it's getting very cold and rainy although, I'm not sure yet whether it's worse or not because this summer was the worst of the hip pain. I've had to go to a gastroentorologist a couple of weeks ago because of the severe acid reflux, stomach cramping, regurgitation, etc. I was hoping they would find something wrong that could be fixed and not just chock it up to fibro, but it seemsthey only stretched out a ring in my esophagus to help with swallowing. I tried to warn all the doctors about the fibro pain and that laying on my left side would be very painful and to be johnny on the spot with the anesthesia, however, cautious as usual with the pain killers, I felt the whole colonoscopy. They finally decided to put me to sleep for the upper GI...So, my hips went out again and was sooo uncomfortable and in so much pain and all they would do was to tell me to use a heating pad and take some tylenol. Thankfully my hips were out severely for only the one day as I don't think I could have managed any more hip pain. As I said earlier, my fibro seems to be creeping up my body, now I can barely lift my arms, my elbows and thumbs and upper arm areas hurt so bad. It's also in my neck and upper back, I feel like I've been in an Iron Man competition. What I'm wondering is if anyone else has lost their voice because of fibro? I found two spots on my neck and I haven't been able to talk for over 2 weeks now and have had a sore throat for over a month. The doctor doing the upper and lower GI didn't see anything wrong with my throat and I'm not running a fever. Also, I may have found a way to get to and from the acupuntcure treatments through "hopelink"...It's just so hard to drive right now. I haven't seen my regular gp yet so haven't tried any of the rememdies that have been suggested by you all yet, but am going in about 3 weeks time. I'll post again then. Thank you all so much for your support! Squeaking in Seattle!



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