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mm30 - July 22

Hi everyone, im new to this site. i have just been diagnosed as have fibro. I have been through a very stressful time which led to a bit of a melt down, resulting in depression and subsequently this. I'm still learning about Fibro but Dr wreckons for me it was due to such high levels of trauma in my life. ( i won't go into details) i was finally diagnosed when i went to the dr very worried about very sore breasts the right was unbareable and pains in my sides. she did the pressure tests and everywhere she touched hurt. my periods have gone haywire this one has been going on for three weeks now. im tired all the time but when it comes to bed time i cant sleep, this is a girl that could sleep right through the day if let. i have the worst IBS but i have always had digestive problems.
I find this site invaluable because i get the feeling no one will really understand unless they have it and although only diagnosed i'm beginning to feel like a hypochondriac. can fibro really have all the symptom im dealing with daily?


Stacey373 - July 22

Hi mm30! Oh yes! Fibro has all those symptoms and MORE! Not much fun, is it?
I totally understand what you are saying about everyone thinking you are a hypochondriac! I spent a couple years seeing my doctor before I finally told her all of my symptoms. I initially was seeing her for severe and constant headaches but then I learned about Fibromyalgia and I had almost EVERY symptom so I took that information to her and I was diagnosed. But I didn't want to tell her about all my problems to begin with because I didn't want her to think I was a hypochondriac. So instead I thought I would try to deal with one problem at a time. thankfully I finally figured out what was wrong with me...I don't think I could have gone another few years trying to figure it out!

I also had my family and friends thinking I was a hypochondriac too. They all thought it was all in my head, or I was exaggerating, or I was just lazy. Even after being diagnosed, my husband finally admitted to me that he still thought these things. It wasn't until I found this site and spent a week reading the posts and then a few days of reading him the posts (and breaking down and crying) that he finally realized that what I'm going through is "real". Thankfully he does understand now and he is very supportive.

I think I still have days where I wonder if all this is just in my head. But since coming to this website, I don't feel that way too much anymore. I don't know about you or anyone else, but I think some days the "mental" part of this illness is harder to deal with than the "physical" part.

I keep wanting to do things like I used to be able to do...or things I think I should be able to do at my age (37). I am re-doing my daughter's room and yesterday I tried to paint one wall. I wasn't pushing myself and I really didn't do much at all...but this morning I woke up with my neck, shoulder, and arm killing me. it's really frustrating because I didn't "over do" it and I still am in pain from doing so little. Oh may take me twice as long to get her room done, but I'm going to finish it!

anyways...just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. Welcome to the forum. Take care of yourself, Stacey :o)


mm30 - July 22

Thanks stacey. I do understand what you mean about the 'Mental' part in some ways it affects me more than the aches and pains. some days i'm so sensitive and anxious with pains or i worry the doctor has got it wrong.

Best of luck with painting your daughters room and good for you to do it yourself. I'm like you in that way very independent and do all the fixing in the home :D

i haven,t had the joy of being a mum but god willing someday ill be painting their room too.

Thank you for you welcome.



Noca - July 23

mm30 welcome to the board~! I got all the pain mixed with fatigue/insomnia and gastrointestinal problems as well.


mm30 - July 23

hi Noca, its a barrel of laughs isn't it?
I must say these nights i've been popping a xanax and im sleeping better and dont feel like i have been hit by a bus so much. this week im just seriously moody, frustrated and itritated.
my thread mill helps cause im so tired after i have the energu to argue with anyone hee hee....

does anyone have a day where they dont even want to make eye contact with anyone? ( incase i turn them to stone) LOL

whooooo deep breaths :D

thanks for your welcome noca ive been reading over some of your posts and i've found them really useful. its great comfort having people to relate to on this :O)


Stacey373 - July 25

Oh yes! I definitely have "those" days! LOL My husband can always tell if I'm having one of those days and he will usually just leave me alone or ask real "sweetly" if there is anything he can do for me.

I've also noticed over the last few years that I've gotten really bad with PMS and I can't seem to "help it". I just get so irritated and moody and then later I feel so bad if I say something to my husband in a "mean tone" or jump on him over something minor because he really doesn't deserve to be talked to that way. But thankfully he understands what's going on and those are the times he REALLY leaves me alone and tries not to do anything that will upset me.

Gosh....that sounds so bad....I'm really not a mean person, I swear! LOL I definitely am lucky to have such a sweet, understanding, and supportive husband.

Take care everyone, Stacey :o)


mm30 - July 25

Hi stacey, i seem to have those days more than not. thank god for a patient family. my poor boyfriend can be on the recieving end of a very sharp tongue at times. he is quite the saint.
actually we are heading abroad on two weeks holidays next week. i wanted to ask if anyone finds the heat of the sun helps fibro pains. i live in ireland so i will be facing a pretty dramatic temperature change. :) looking forward to some relaxation and some time out with my BF. i wont be packing the mood swings please god lol


Stacey373 - July 26

Hi! I'm not sure if the heat helps or not. I live in Washington State (US) and from what I understand our weather is a lot like Ireland. I don't know if that's true, we have rain and cold weather about 9 months out of the year, is that how it is in Ireland?
I have to say that the rainy and cold weather does NOT help with Fibro. And now that we are having summer here, I think the warmth feels good and at least better than when it's cold and wet. i don't know if it's just me or it's a "fibro thing", but any major temperature change bothers me a lot. The last couple of days the temperature has been in the mid 90's and I can't handle it when it's that hot. I'd be real happy if it just stayed 70-80 degrees all year long!

I have read on here that the hot weather does bother some people's fibro. But I think that if you are constantly dealing with the wet and cold, a little heat would be nice!

I hope you enjoy your trip. My Mom would give her left arm to visit Ireland! LOL Just remember to take it easy even on vacation (which I'm sure can be really hard to do!) Take Care, Stacey :o)



I have to say this website has helped save me more than a couple of times.
I am grateful to have a supportive family. My brother has MS so my mom is aware of the pains and symptoms he has. Then to find out I have fibro, at one point she thought it was her fault that we both have problems. Which I totally disagree with and told her that.
Anyways, I have a lot of symptoms too. And it can be very hard to handle without a support group and friends that understand. When reading through the posts here, you see that others are having the same pain as you or worse and it just helps to know you are not alone! I am thankful I found this site! And will be utilizing it forever.
Take care to everyone and hope you all have a SOMEWHAT pain free and SOMEWHAT normal okay day!
Jennifer C


mm30 - July 26

Hi everyone, yes i get a mixed reaction about the heat thing. my doctor told me it would be good and i find hot baths help alot but then i dont know if the drs here take fibro on board as much as in the states or even the uk. what i mean by that is from what i've experienced from my dr is if its not on an xray is it real pain? i know this because for years i suffered pain in my hips. i had rare virus and for year no one would believe the amount of pain i was in. by the time it showed on xrays it was too late damage was done and i had to have hip replaced. i was only sixteen. it could have been much worse if my parents hadnt pursued it but yes for me i have to say my faith in the "medical world is a little disjointed at times. (anyway im going off track):o) i recently change my doctor i went to her with severe depression and on second visit when complaining about almighty pain in my ribs she quickly diagnosed me with fibro. her answer to it is hot baths and paracetamol though...

stacey so far this year we have had four nice weeks of sun shine and i think that is all we are getting and what we consider good weather is about 70 degrees. That is a scorcher to us! :D
tell your mum to come on over as long as she doesnt expect a tan. there is plenty more to do and i guess we have a lush green country for a reason. hee hee

INPAINDAILYJC, i agree this site is great. For me, just reading through some of the messages is a pain killer because it eases my thoughts when they run away on me. i dont so feel alone.

Thank you for the support girls and i hope im returning the favour.

Have a good day



Stacey373 - July 28

Absolutely! the first thing I do every morning is get on here. Might be why I usually ramble on and don't make much sense...I'm still half asleep and haven't had any coffee yet! LOL it's nice to just be able to talk to everyone. And I hope I'm at least helping someone on here by sharing my experiences! I know this site has helped me tremendously. I was so frustrated and depressed before I found this site and now I'm a different person. Even my husband has noticed a change in me!

Take Care, Stacey :o)



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