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nicegrins - June 21

Hi all I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for just over a week. just getting used to it.



bbass - June 22

Hey tracey, I know what you mean. For me, though, it was kinda a relief. There is a reason I feel the way I do.


RavenFax - June 24

Hi Tracy,
I am newly diagnosed. I too am getting used to it. I kind of think of it that my life really didn't change much other than like b.bass i can actually put a name to it now. Acceptance (on my part anyway) is going a little slow though. I was devisated when my doctor told me. There are so many misconceptions out there. I am glad we found this site.



1tigerlover - July 9

How long did it take to get diagnosed? I am 30 and just started to have symptoms about 9 months ago. Every time I go to bed or wake up I feel as if i either cant sleep or didnt get enough sleep and I am achy, cranky, or sore. Was it hard to get your doctor to listen to you? I feel that it is all in my head sometimes even though i am in so much pain sometimes. Help!


JOEGIRL - July 10

Hi newbie, Welcome to the board. This place will help you learn about fibro and there is always new questions from someone here. Keep coming back and I hope you have a good dr.


bbass - July 10

Hey, 1tigerlover,
I was 30 when I started noticing the pain too. Instead of going to a doctor I tried every conceivable thing to treat myself, because I was afraid of what the doctor would say. Either I had something horrible or worse yet that I had nothing wrong with me and it was in my head. I went to primary doctor with a long list of crazy, seemingly unrelated problems, and he said very kindly, "I think you are complicating things. I think you have fibromyalgia." He did the blood tests to eliminate the other possible things, and has put me on cymbalta, trazodone, and tramadol. It has helped alot. The moral of my long silly story is find the right doctor who truly cares about his/her patients, and your diagnosis wont be too hard. Ask your friends, family, etc for opinions on their doctors, or find your own and see how it goes. JUst don't give up and it's not in your head!


1tigerlover - July 10

Hey B.Bass,
Thank you so much for writing back. I have started a journal that I am writing in about my pain level and where I feel pain in every day to show to a new doctor that I will be seeing in a few months. My mom's friend has fibromyalgia and goes to this doctor and said she listens and knows alot about this medical problem.Thank you for your understanding and great advice.


1tigerlover - July 29

Hey BBass,
I finally went to my regular doctor and was surprised that she actually listened to me. She ordered lab tests to rule out lyme disease and other ailments and those came back negative. She put me on Cymbalta which has helped with the muscle pain alot. I go back for a follow up tommorrow. I want to thank you for your encourage ment and your advice. Thank you so much.



crnena - July 29

I have a question, What tests do I need to ask my doctor to determine if I have fibromyalgia?


1tigerlover - August 2

There isn't an actual fibro test,but your doctor will probably do a sed rate test( tests for inflammation), Lyme disease, Lupus, and other tests that might point your doctor in the right direction. If these tests come up negative further tests or evaluations might be neccessary.


PS. I am also in the process of being evaluated for fibromyalgia. My doctor put me on Cymbalta which has helped with the spasms and muscle pain but still feel crummy sometimes even with the meds.

Take care....


Kristina17 - September 7

I too have been diagnosed very very recently. I have been in pain for 8 years and it has progressively gotten worse, involving more and more limbs etc. I work in a very very stressful job and wonder how much this has contributed to the development of my fibromyalgia. I'm 24 and I feel really down about the diagnosis at the moment but it is also good to finally have a diagnosis.


1tigerlover - October 1

I was just diagnosed recently. However, I am trying to ease my symptoms naturally because the savella was too much for me to handle. I am going to start counseling to deal with the antidepressant withdrawal symptoms. It is now hitting me kind of hard that i will have to deal with this issue for the rest of my life.




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