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myself - January 31

Hi, I'm new to being diagnosed, but have had this since the day i was born.

Ever since a kid, i was diagnosed with all sorts of things such as allergies with negative tests, growing pains, infections etc. because of where the pain was.

I'm 36 now and have finally got an answer. I am a mom of one great teen and am very lucky to have a very helpful husband.

My symptoms are as follows:
- Blurry vision that comes and goes.
- eyes that twich back and forth sometimes
- swelling of muscles from head to toe, everywhere
- feet and hands fall asleep
- body twiches
- hands always shake
- horrible monthly women pains far beyond bearable.
- uterus swelling and bad pain when not on cycle.
- TMJ that comes and goes
- Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Unbearable pain in calves at all times, can't walk, sit or roll over in bed without help when not on meds due to muscles.
- allergy symptoms to non allergies
- can't eat anything dairy or i swell up
- anxiety and people phobia for no reason
- chronic fatigue all the time
- chest pain in the rib area
- heart palpitations
- horrible asthmatic bronchitis
- horrible feet pain on top and bottom
- restless legs
- lower back pain
- hip pain
- wrist pain
- elbow muscle pain
- nausea that comes and goes
- ears that clog
- rhinitis
- flair horrible with cold weather
- get flu type symptoms when very hot weather
- ibs or constipation
- sometimes i get numb in fingers, toes, legs etc.
- bruise easily
- brain malfunction, can't remember what people said 5 itmes in a row, can't remember what i read, say words wrong etc. that comes and goes.

I am not the only one in my family with fibro. My mother has it, my sisters have it and my cousin has been diagnosed. My cousin is as bad as I am.

I have tried all sorts of immune drugs that my rhummy put me on, not one worked except prednisone. I was just diagnosed with the Fibro, so i hope to get put on one of those soon.

My case is horrible. I'm not a lucky one with pain that i can still move with. Without prednisone, i can't even use my walker to walk 3 feet into the bathroom withou it taking 5min.

I feel for everone here, even the smallest amount of this kind of pain is just too much.

God bless you all.


mummylove - January 31

Hi there, im new here too, and have so far been diagnosed by the doctor, Im not real bad yet tho everyday seems to be getting more painful. im 26years of age. so really just wanted to say HI.


myself - February 2

Thanks for the comments.

I have been in pain since a kid, the more activity i did, the more pain i had. I got a dr. note to get out of PE due to pain and asthma, sat on the floors when shopping with my mom etc. I always thought everyone went through pain until I finally had my big body breakdown.

It was almost 4yrs ago, my hips hurt so much i could hardly walk, couldn't get out of bed without being pulled either. Then it went to the finger, the wrist, the elbow and then the legs. Next thing I knew, i was without any meds for almost 6 months (takes forever to see the rhummy doctor here) and i was actually wanting to die, the pain was so bad.

It is weird how i went around 32yrs with workable pain (stairs still were very hard, husband used to push me up the stairs lol), but the day i couldn't do anything without support was just horrible.

The panic feeling is "what if i don't get better" "what if meds don't work", "what if my kid gets this".

It's been almost 4yrs now, i am on prednisone which is the only thing to work so far for the muscle swelling. I hope to try other stuff too due to how my cousin who is just as bad said they work for her.

It will be scarry, and I know you are young. But it will take time to be able to live with who you are. Just remember that god never gives you more than you can handle. That thought helps me every day.

God bless.



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