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Newbie having aniexty/panic issues
3 Replies
emtchickie - March 8

I just was told 7months ago I had FM a year prior to that had an ACDF surgery on my C5-6 in my spine (really bad surgery) I thought I was making headway with the FM, I just can't work (medical field) but over all my outlook was good wasn't going to let this get me down. Just in past 2 wks noticed that I get anxiety/panic attacks when I hear (lol) IRS or tax I don't owe anything never have I even had my taxes done in But I am starting to have fear of money or commitment to it. Wont allow myself spend over $40 or I get physically ill. This past weekend my 2 kids talked me into a beautiful bass. hound puppy and yes paid $900 for a purebreed (stupid)by the next morning I spent 5hrs in an anxiety/panic attack that I physically got ill and today after hubby said was ok I still made him take the puppy back I spent the morning after everyone left sitting in chair with the puppy and crying so hard. I couln't even book our vacation took me 6wks (never has) and since January I have not been able to balance my check book I get soo upset over it that I hide it. Bills are all paid and know no problem of getting into issues with it, but just can't seem to let myself out of this zone. Now I shut down all communications with friends/family really don't care if I ever talk to them again. Am I losing my mind ??? If anyone has had issues with this please help and let me know if there are meds out there for me. Thanks.. very sad mom :(


lucky13 - March 8

Are you taking any medications, sometimes panic/anxiety can be side effects. You may also want to talk to your Dr about this, before I was diagnosised with Fibro, I was diagnosised with General Anxiety Disorder, back then I was given Paxil which helped a great deal, but the navy Drs switched me to welbutrin because it was cheaper for them I guess and I was back to my stressed out self.
My current Dr said that the 2 antidepressents are 2 different types of meds and that's why one worked and one didn't.
Plus bonus for me, when I was taking the antidepressants, my pain wasn't as bad (again, back then I didn't know I had fibro)

This is affecting not only your life, but the life of your family as well. As a mom (I'm a mom of 4 so I understand) you owe this to your kids to at least talk to your Dr about this and try to get some help.
Good luck.


Fantod - March 8

emtchickie - Welcome to the board!

I am very sorry to read about your situation. Fibromyalgia (FMS) is a very complex syndrome. Many of us are prone to high levels of anxiety and panic attacks. This is one of the "perks."

That being said, I'm very concerned about you. I'd like to gently suggest that you consider finding a counselor right away that specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). You have had a lot of changes in your life and been diagnosed with a chronic illness. That is a lot for any one to handle. I suspect the root cause of your panic attacks is directly tied to your inability to work. You've lost control over an important part of your life. And, that is only one aspect of what you are actually dealing with. CBT will give you the support and tools that you need to better cope and manage your life.

To find a counseler you can use Google; enter the name of your metro area and CBT to see what pops up. Or, go online to your local hospital website and/or call the physician referral service and see if they can match you up with someone. Many of us see someone for extra support.

I'd also like to recommend that you go online to Amazon and order "Fibromyalgia for Dummies." Like the rest of the series, it has good basic information about FMS. Read it and pass it along to other family members and friends. Knowledge with action is power.

If you are interested, some of us are on Skype which is a free Internet telephone service. Look for the thread about Skype under the "General Discussion" area for more info. If your computer has a microphone, you are all set.

Keep in touch and take care.


kvc33 - March 9

I think it may be possible that you haven't dealt with your feelings regarding having FM and not being able to work and you are expressing that through being over-controlling regarding your finances. If you are honest about your feelings and talk about them I think your need to control will lessen. Sit down and write out a realistic budget, including what you can afford for luxuries such as vacations and pure-bred dogs. When you know that you are staying within budget for the month/year, you can relax about your spending. Don't let others make your decisions for you and don't make snap decisions either. Practice deep breathing exercises and go for short walks to calm down your nervous system. There are natural products you can take to ease anxiety such as Calms Forte pills and L-theanine. Theanine is also found in green tea (have decaf). Camomile tea is good too. I find that giving makes me feel wealthy even if it is just a little.



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