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newbie from ct
4 Replies
crazybeautifull3 - May 13

hi everyone!

im 25 and just recently diagnosed with fibro. my biggest problem with all of this besides the fatigue and pain is the depression of not being able to have a normal life and relationships. i lost most of my friends cuz they do things that i cant do. i have a bf but i dont know how much longer thats gonna last bc i can hardly ever see him or when i do im in bed by 8. i guess i need this group bc i need to hear from people who are going through the same thing and for someone to tell me everything will be ok.

thank you all'


chaplin - May 13

Sorry to hear about what you are going through. I have found that when I first started getting sick (before diagnosis) a few so called friends disappeared. But your real friends will be there for you through the long haul. It may be difficult for now but one thing I found is I really know who cares about me. Hopefully you will have the support you need - it really helps when you are having really bad days. Have you told your real friends what you are going through - perhaps if they understand a bit more they will put more effort into helping you.
hope this helps


solanadelfina - May 14

Hi, Tara, and welcome to the board. I'm 24 and was just diagnosed last year, so we're kind of in the same boat.

It's more difficult in the beginning, trying to figure out a regimen that works well for you. Once you do and start getting symptoms under control, not only will you be able to function better but just the knowing what it is and being able to take charge will help the mindset. Don't think it will ALWAYS be what it's like right now, even if some changes are inevitable.

Friendships are important and will help you through this. If I can't hang out with someone, I can still call and talk to them or leave messages on Facebook. Spending time at other houses watching movies instead of going out can be nice for keeping the bonds strong and being able to take it easy.

Everyone is different, and what might work for one person might not work for another, but the thing that's helped me the most is doing simple range-of-motion stretches every morning and evening. Yoga is great if you feel up to it, while Tai Chi is really nice for the more sore days. I also swear by hot baths with the most yummy salts you can find, including fun ones like a hot chocolate blend, and heated mattress pads in the winter. Also, humor in any form is highly important.

Feel free to come to us with any questions or even just a good rant. It can be tougher going through life as a purple orchid instead of a red rose, but there is still much joy and beauty to be found in the world, and plenty of gifts for us to give. Take care and God bless.


nola - May 14

I feel ya girl. I am 49 years old was diagnosed about a year ago. My boyfriend of 5 years says FM is a BS condition. Also I get no support from my co workers they say its all in my head. I get so down and stressed sometimes I just dont know how what to do.


JOEGIRL - May 16

crazybeautifull3, I know how you feel.I havn't lost any of my friends b/c of fibro but I don't get together and do things as often as I use to and sometimes I think they just think I don't want to hang out as much.My best friend is still my best friend tho and thats a true friend. She always there when I call so thats what counts. When I do have a good day she the first one I call to go do something.



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