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newbe! Fibromylagia or drugs? losec/operazole
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mummylove - January 30

hi Im new, Diagonosed by doctor Im finding it hard to accept? or get my head around? still just setting in I guess? but I was just wondering im on losec and stumbled accross my side effects while looking for the max dosage and noticed joint pain,weakness, muscle pain as a side effect. but I started losec in oct 2008 and had a couple months without it as they keep sayings it wasent gastritis after all anyway long story I ended back up on the losec again for 1 and half weeks so far, has anyone had joint pain if you have had losec before? Im trying to remeber when my joint pain started before or after taking the first lot of losec. asked the chemist he said its unlikely the pain is from the losec. So as from tomorrow I will stop the losec and see if the pain is around. I did have well over 11 tender points but im still finding it hard accepting this, but def the last 6 months have made sense! I may also do another thread on my symptoms from what I have read looks about right!


sos101 - February 5

you're very lucky you have been diagnoses at all. A lot of the medicial community thinks the name firbromyaglia is a catch all for docs when the doc dont know what you have. I was told this by my neurologist a month after i was diagnosed with it. I was mad! Anyway the rhumatologist said that his wife has it too. So im sticking with him..... He gave me a brochure from the arthrius foundation that discribes more of it. Reasearchers thinks that it my be caused by abnormalities with the central nervous system. Even genetics. He is sending me to P.T. for relaxation technics and very minor excerises. He said to pace myelf during the day. Dont Over do it. Yesterday i went back to my PCP who also believes in this. He wants me to make an apt to see dr. charles Lapp and Dr. Laura Black. Just google that and it will come up. He specializes in fibro, chronic fatique syndrome and ME. (not sure that is) He also travels all over the world lecturing MD's about this. Their maybe some underlying reasons why fibro is there in the first place. Like lymes disease by a tic. epstein barr virus and ect. Toxins like mercury, lead, dioxin and ect... sleep disturbances, mitochondrial (cell energy or lack of) hormone in blanace (thyroid.pituritry gland, adernal glands), neurotransmitter inbalance (like cortisol and seritonin ,dopamine, DHEA and many other nuero chemicals. Just to name a few)

Reasearchers where also talking about the spect (single photon emission computed tomography)scan of the brain. Reasearchers have found people with fibro have brain perfusion abnormalities. Increased blood flow was found in sensing pain and decreased blood flow was found within an area thought to be involved in emotional respose to pain. Global dyfunction of cerebral pain processing. Researchers have also found in the spinal fluid something called substance P. People who have fibro have three times the amount of substance P in their spinal fluid. They were also seeing if spinal stanosis, chiari malformation and cervical myelophathy is involved in this as well. This is a very complex syndrome to have. See if you can find a doc who specializes in this from your area. Not just pills and P.T. The possible underlaying problems. There is so much more like mood changes, lack of concentration symptoms. multi chemical sensitivities (foods like wheat, gluten, corn, soy, dairy, citrus) medication sensitivites (like i have beyond belief) Sensitivities to light, sounds , touch, and ect....You need to learn relaxation tech. My muscles cramp up alot during stressful situations and just from moving around(cleaning)or not moving around. The fatigue is very nasty too. I get tension headaches, TMJ, IBS (dianosed in high school) abdominal cramping, dizziness, restless leg syndrome, numbness and tingling, itching, rynoids (sp)syndrome,stiffness. I dont have bladder spasms (yet) and dont have endometriosis.

I hope this will get you started to understanding this better. Its not in your head!!!!!! And any doc that says this to you is an idiot and walk away!!!!

My PCP was very ticked off at what my nerologist said to me. That it is a catch all for they dont know what it is. Like depression was a catch all for many many years.

Know what wikipedia was a good source too. Just type in fibromyalia. I printed that off. There is tons of stuff on the web. It just takes time to look at it all.

good luck


axxie - February 7

Hi, I've read somewhere that the joint pain you are having is secondary effect of the dosage. You may want to google the drug and find out as much as you. Common coexisting condition is arthritis, which means inflammation of joints. We all get that from time to time, it's a balance of what you eat, no exercise will stiffen your joints and will give you is what they call stiff joint pain. Sometimes it's the weather, sometimes it's what you eat, sometimes it's something else. Welcome to hell, not always, or welcome to the Fmily. Get the doctor to pass a few tests on you, one would be lyme disease, and food allergies. Food allergies are very common with FMS, I can warn you the food allergy test are somewhat don't tell everything, and unreliable. Still good to get it done. Do you suffer from yeast infection often or do you have a leaky gut, if yes, then start looking at the food you are eating. There are many factors that can come and give you joint pain. I'll fiting shoes, the way you stand or walk, do you drink, do you smoke. Do you drink lots of water. Do you consume caffeen, or softdrinks. Usually what you are experiencing is in effect on what you eat and drink. Try eating fruits, and vegetable more so then meat. If you are eating BBQ will give you the so call joint pain. As for weakness and muscle pain that is very typical of FMS. Try keeping a food journal and write how you are feeling, you may find you have triggers of food allergies. Anyhow, I just wanted to welcome you to this forum and be free to look at the topics. I'm sure you will learn loads of information.
Good luck to you


mummylove - February 7

Hi All, well have been off losec for 7 days pharmasist orders, and well no good, I am actually worse. I just cant get over the joint pain its incredible! And the calf cramps MY GOSH! for 2 days now I noticing funny things, like spelling/typing & appart from the arm/hand/finger pains I keep typing/spelling the wrong thing ie- cramp I would do pramp regulary Im so slow at typing just mentlly, Im doing so many mistakes its strange, perhaps stress?? but just noticing it more and more, I cant remeber how to spell even took me awhile to sign in as forgot my username.
Food allergies yes major dairy intollorance!!
No bloating or anything else from food,used to be allergic to grass and citrus not sure if I still am tho, pretty sure Im good with grass now.
hardly get yeast infections now days but used too alot.
Ive have bladder/bowel/rectal spasms OUCH
do have a drug intollorance. & delayed side effects
Ive changed my diet for 7weeks now and feels nice if you know what I mean, I used to love my crips/potato chips etc but dont miss them anymore
cant seem to mange the exercise tho :-( I never have and I feel like so lazy but im underweight?/small
I hope you guys are all ok and coping because it can get quite scary :-(



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