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psawejko - April 25

I was diagnosed 4 months ago and it seems to be getting worse. The burning and tingling feeling is the worst. Also always cold. I take pain meds but they really dont help the burning. I am trying something new at ProCare Medical. It it electro therapy. It is supposed to create a nerve block after a few treatments. Look at the website. I will let you know how it is. If you are as desperate as I am you can hope that it works!!


larry - April 25

There is Fibro and Fatigue center in Marietta, GA that has been very sucessful in reversing Fibro by addressing this syndrome at the root causes. Their location information is: Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Center of Atlanta
3750 Palladian Village Drive, Suite 300
Marietta, GA 30066
Toll-free: 1-866-443-4276
Phone: 678-494-7800
Fax: 678-494-7990------------------------------
To get a better understanding of their treatment i suggest visiting their website and reviewing their clinical info at I hope this helps you.


psawejko - April 30

I went for my first treatment on Friday and had a really good weekend. The treatment is injections and electrical therapy. I believe this is going to be my answer. I will keep you updated. It's a great clinic and wont cost you thousands of dollars to get some rellief! They actually accept insurance


JJ1 - April 30

psawejko - what kind of injections did they give you?


psawejko - May 1

They gave me serapin and marcaine. It really helped. My headaches are gone and the burning /tingling in my face is gone too. Went for 2nd treatment yesterday. I already can tell the difference


JJ1 - May 1

Thanks for the reply. I googled sarapin and marcaine and sounds like they are both for pain relief. Just wondering if it was something more curative rather than pain management. Glad to hear it is working for you. My fibromyalgia is a little different than most, making me question my diagnosis, but I am not in much constant pain. I have occasional flare ups but with these the pain is usually bearable and in direct response to stress. The rest of the time I suffer from fatigue and cognitive issues. Keep us posted on how you are doing and welcome to this board!


Fantod - May 4

Recently, I had sarapin injections in quite a few trigger points in my lower back. It has been about 3 weeks now and I am still feeling pretty comfortable in the areas that were treated. I'd certainly do it again. If nothing else, it has temporarily broken the pain cycle.


markATL - May 9

Is this still working out for you? I've been thinking about making an appointment. How much does it cost? Thanks.


axxie - May 10

Hi everyone, hope I'm not intruding, but would be very interested on how the electro therapy goes. I have not had serapin or marcaine. But will definitely look into it. I doubt very much my doctor will do anything as I'm still waiting to see a rheumy, they are in such high demand that the waiting period to see one is at least 4 months wait time.

The injection would be good, for me, but I have severe cognitive impairment and I'm always tired it's a problem as I'm also B12 deficient (Pernicious Anaemia, even thought I have gone through the buildup of injections, I'm still struggling to lead a semi normal life.



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