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new to the site
7 Replies
Auvonto - October 7

Hi I am new to this site and have enjoyed reading the many threads and seeing that I am not the only one out there. I know how it feels to feel like you're all alone out there. That I am crazy. That feeling of "is this really all in my head". When I first started showing signs of illness I was sent to a dr who after testing me (MRI,blood etc)said I think "this is all in your head" I was so hurt and offended. I know how I feel and this is real. I am only 37 and I should not feel like 73. right now I only take Hydrocodone I stopped taking so many pills at one time I took 6 different pills a day. that is way too many. so now i take Hydrocodone. but now i have to take at least 3 at one time just to get relief. I hate that because now I am starting to feel groggy and I have to work. I have to drive to work. very unsafe. anyways I just needed to vent and introduce myself to the site. thanks.


Stacey373 - October 7

Hi Auvonto - Welcome to the group! I know how you feel about taking so many pills, especially the pain pills. The way I see it, we eventually grow tolerant and immune to the pain pills we take. We either have to keep taking more pills or get a stronger prescription. I take Hydrocodone too (norco) and I don't want to have to get something stronger, eventually I will grow immune to that too and then have to keep getting stronger and stronger meds. What happens if I run out of options? or what happens if I have an emergency and the strongest pain meds don't work for me? For now I will just keep doing what I've been doing...but eventually I will have to decide what to do next.

I also know exactly how you feel about being told it's all in your head. OMG, I had so many doctors tell me that. I was constantly being told to just write in a journal and all my pain and headaches would go away! Nobody believed me! My family and friends all thought I was just a drug addict trying to get pain pills. They also thought I was just a hypochondriac and lazy and that's why I couldn't get up and clean the house or do what I needed to do. And this was all happening even after FINALLY being diagnosed. The one thing that helped my family to understand was I started reading some of the posts on this forum to my husband. There is a post on here that is titled "letter to normals" that you should try to find. It's really heart breaking but probably explains exactly how you are feeling.

Anyways...this forum is a good place to come. The people on here are very nice and knowledgeable. Everyone on here understands what you are going through and can even offer advice to maybe help you feel better or at least give you some other options. Feel free to ask questions, offer your own suggestions, and vent when you need to!

Take Care, Stacey :o)


Noca - October 7

Welcome to the forum Auvonto! My Fentanyl, Dilaudid and Thermacare heat wraps deal with most of my pain. I just am left with the rest of the fibro friendly symptoms like fatigue and IBS.


duhda75 - October 8

Hi Auvonto, Welcome to the forum. We all can relate to you, and sympathise with your pain. As for me. I am still tinkering with pain meds. My body becomes immune to pain meds quickly. Right now I am up to Methadone 10mg, and take norco 10/325 for the breakthrough pain. But, I still live in pain daily. I look forward to the day when I can be pain-free:o)


Auvonto - October 8

thanks for the welcome. I am glad to meet such nice people who can also share their support with each other. I look forward to many conversations. thanks,


Fantod - October 8

Auvonto - Welcome to the board! Feel free to join in, ask questions or vent anytime. This is a good bunch of people to discuss Fibromyalgia (FMS) and all of the "perks" that go with it. Enjoy your weekend.


Auvonto - October 8

stacey 373, "I read that letter to normals" thank you so much for telling me about that letter. it is so wonderful. well written and heartfelt. this is a great site.


Stacey373 - October 8

You're welcome! If you've got anyone in your life who doesn't understand what you are going through...try reading that letter to them or even some of the other posts on here that describe what we go through on a daily basis. It might help for them to understand a little better. There's also another one on the internet called "The Spoon Theory" it's written by a lady who has Lupus...but I'm sure us Fibro sufferers also relate to what she says.

Take Care, Stacey :o)



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