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4 Replies
Beauregard - September 8

Hello everybody,
I have come to this forum many times and i truly enjoy reading everyone's post.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a little over three yrs ago. It has changed my life completely but for a few days now i feel better. I have finally decided to take some medication, that is, Trazadone. I take just a tiny, tiny bit at night and boy have i been sleeping well. I have been against meds ALL MY LIFE but after reading lots and lots and lots of books and posts from fibro sufferers i have decided to give it a litte try. So far so good.

I am a little bit afraid this med could be addictive. The literature says no but i was wondering if anybody here could tell me if they tried it and if they are able not to live with this med today.

Thank you.


VictoriaB - September 9

Welcome!! Trazodone is not addictive but yiou would not want to quit using it all at once without checking with your MD. I have given a lot of it while I worked as a Nuse and people generally have done well with it. I use to be totally against medicine also but I couldn't take the pain anymore so I guess you do what you have to. I started Cymbalta 2 mos. ago and it helps me have more energy but nothing for my pain. I take Lorcet Plus which really helps my pain a lot!! Good Luck!!


ibritz - September 9

Hi - Hope you stay with us! If nothing else, at least it's someplace you can get support and be able to say what's on your mind. I take several meds for several diferent medical problems. One thing I have found is that none of the meds I take regularly are addictive.
The ones I take that are addictive I only take when I am absoutely miserable. I keep a handle on it and when I start taking more of it than I think I should, I call my Rhematologist for an appt. Just as VictoriaB, I have also done very well with Cymbalta. I don't know if it's addictive, but just know I'd be in alot more pain without it. I took it for depression and had no idea it would work on my pain. What a bonus!!!! Don't live in pain. Meds, rest, mild exercise and mental health and low stress are key to fighting FMS.


Beauregard - September 11

Thank you so much all for your replies.
I am really feeling better since i am taking Trazadone.
It helps alot with the pain caused by the fibromyalgia and especially with the sleep and i am not so depressive this week.

I enjoy reading your posts.


skblackman - September 11

Prior to starting my family I took trasodone and think it helped me some. When I wanted to get pregnant it was pretty easy to wean msyelf off of it.



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