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New to Forum, Teen with Fibromyalgia
8 Replies
aBeserra - April 9

I am 16 years old, and I have been struggle with fibromyalgia for about 1 year now. I have no signs of it getting better, all is getting worse. It has gotten to the point where I cant do anything except go to school and come home. I have begun to find relief in meditation and visualization. I have bad joints, muscles, migrains, nausea, and I can no longer do any sports. It has come to the point where it has ruined about half the things that I enjoy in life.

I was curious if anybody had any tips, herbal remedies they have found to work, or words of hope.

Thank You


axxie - April 9

When your 16, it's the last thing you want, it must suck very much. I know my daughter is 16 and she's enjoying herself. I on the other hand have fibro and I'm tired and sometimes I can't stand smells or have bad visualization and sometimes my joint hurt. I feel for you. There is a few things you can do to help yourself.
First you must eat white meat only, fish helps, I eat fish and I don't feel full and somehow it lightens my pain.
Second thing, keep yourself hydrated with water, not the junk out there but water. You must drink at least 8 glasses of water, this helps your lymph nodes to cleans your symptoms.
Third thing, is go to the pharmacy, ask them to recommend a multivitamin, take it every morning without fault, I keep mine a multi vitamin on my table, and I have found that if you say once I brush my teeth I will swallow my multivitamin. Please don't stop, you'll fall back into not feeling better, this little multivitamin, will help you have more stamina.
Fourth thing, again at the pharmacy I want you to get B6 and B12 this will be another two vitamin you will need to take.
Now once you have been taking these write me in a week or two and you will see a difference, because it will give you more energy, even a little more helps.
If you don't like the pills, there is this product called GREEN Energy, that stuff helps and you can take it twice a day with your water, that has given me stamina, and a feeling of I can do things.
Please don't despair, there's always someone who will give you advice to help you, and by trying different things, you can actually get the formula right.
One last comment, the vitamins I have suggested to you, you can take and it will only help you, just remember to take it everyday.
The water helps to eliminate the toxic in your body and one other thing you need to take is calcium those are for your bone, so another supplement to take.
I know you will say that your multivitamin has all of it, but your body needs more, remember you are just 16 and you want to enjoy life.
Taking the multivitamin, plus one B6 and B12 and calcium supplement will help you, not feel your bones creak and it does make you feel better.
Drink milk, the 1%, what you need is the milk for your bones and mind, but you don't need the fat.
If it's hard for you take all these vitamins, do what I do. I take my multivatimin in the morning after I brush my teeth, then I drink orange juice with calcium, and I eat a toast and a piece of cheese or a yogurt. This will give you brain power, then at mid-morning if you can drink a bottle of water or a juice with no sugars if you can find it, and take one of your b6 or b12 and eat some nuts. So your stomach is not empty.
At lunch eat what you want and take your other B vitamin. This will help you space them apart.
It will give you that extra gas you need to do something else. If you stick with it, it can only help you. It's not a cure, but multivitamin even when you eat well doesn't hurt and it works for me and my 16th year old also takes two multivitamin that she can chew and she say's it help's her with her school activities. So it's bound to help you.
I know it's overwhelming at first, but just ake one at a time, even it's just the multiviatmin that you can chew then take two of those, bring it with you in your lunch.
Please write back and let us know how you are feeling.


axxie - April 9

On another note, I forgot to tell you that I have graduated from college with a biology in another in chemistry.

Some doctors who are generalist don't think it's necessary, but they don't understand how the body react to eating right and taking vitamin.

It's not a cure, but I'm sure it will help you.

You know what I wrote is a little overwhelming, so on second thought just go with the Green Energy and if you find it to expensive, then just get the chewable multivitamin for adults and I want you to take 3. One in the morning, one at mid break in the morning and your last one at noon with your lunch.
This will save you money and it's not going to be overwhelming for you, because you can just carry them in your pocket or in your purse. If you skip the mid morning one, then take it a four after school, you may find that works better for you and it will give you that extra boost.


llcsmom - April 9

My daughter is 12 1/2 and has been dealing with fibromyalgia since about age 10. She is in 7th grade and has accomodations set up at school, it's pretty much what is called a 504 plan.

Words of hope: 1.She feels better in summer (we live in a northern state--long winters!). 2.Peppermint oil has helped her with nausea--she has nausea about 50-60 % of the time. We put a few drops of the oil on her stomach--it can be a little irritating to the skin, so you can mix it with a neutral oil--even olive oil. She also puts a drop or 2 on her wrists and on a tissue to inhale the peppermint smell--seems to help :).

That's about it for now for words of hope, sorry. She has been going through a very rough time for about a month and is going to go through some neurological testing, since she has had increased symptoms, neurologically. Pain medications do not help her.
She plays violin, and luckiily, she is still able to do that. She is not an athlete, but takes dance classes--and sometimes she can dance in the class, other times she has to miss dance class.

Take care, let us know if there is anything else...


tnichel - April 9

Hang in there sweetie. Not only are you dealing with the fibro but also the normal changes a 16-year-old goes thru. If you don't have a really close friend to talk to about your problems on to be there on you bad days, come here. Support makes a big difference with fms and this site is on of the best for support and understanding.
When you feel like you're oing it alone, you mood may continue to go down. Depression is also common with fms. You're on the right track with meditation.

Try exercising. or at the least, do stretches to help keep your muscles limber and lessen the pain. This will also help to give you more energy for day to day life. I know it's hard, but try to get the same amount of sleep every night?

What meds are you taking? You should be seeing more improvement after a year. If you're overwhelmed or sleepy while studying, put the books aside and get the rest first. I had this in college but had no diagnosis and I was absolutely miserable working 2 jobs, attending classes and doing an internship. Had I have known, I would have cut down my schedule and focused on me more. I started to not care about grades. I thought I was lazy b/c I never wanted to get out of bed. which reminds, if you're feelig tire. Lean back, close your eyes and just rest for 5 minutes of so. That's what I do at work when the fatigues suddenly hits and it helps.

Add fresh fruits and veggies to every meal and cut the sugar. I'm a sugar addict but had to say goodbye to skittle, starbursts, etc. And find humor in the little things or your forgetful moments. It goes a long way. Do your own research and find what works for you. Every fibro is different. Do you have another medical condition? That could be why you aren't noticing any improvements.

Lastly, look for support groups in your area or ask your doc if he's treating other teens with fms. You would probably do well to have a peer going thru the same thing. Also, do whatever you have to to keep your emotio

ns in check. I and many others go into flares when we lose are temper or deal with an emotional event in life. And yes, that means boys. lol. If his behavior is stressing you out dump him. Always think of your health and how things will affect you first.That goes for girlfriends too. That doesn't make you "sound stuck on you" (can't think of the right word right now... selfish will work). It's what anyone would do to proect their well being.

Good luck and again, you can always come here for advice, questions or just when you need someone to listen. One thing about fibros, we may be sickly but we're probably some of the toughest cookies around b/c we deal with so much. And I know you will be ok. Keep the faith and don't forget to smile!


solanadelfina - April 10

Greetings, and welcome to the board.

I feel your pain, I've had symptoms since age 16 and am 24 now. Do you take anything for the pain? I've personally had great success with tramadol, and haven't had the "drunken" feeling like Lyrica had for me, but everyone's different. It seems to help clear the head a bit as well.

How is your sleeping? Lots of people use a combination of meds and herbs and changing habits to help them get rest. I take a muscle relaxant called Feldene, and also have ear plugs and enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea most nights. For the cold nights, a heated mattress pad is a little piece of heaven for aches. A hot bath with yummy salts can also help soothe body and mind.

For food, I've also had to cut out sugar and eat whole wheat products. I try to look at it as a culinary adventure, searching out fabulous new foods to try. In many cases, the whole wheat tastes more flavorful than the white. Almonds are also great for the healthy fats and pack the most magnesium of nuts, which we need.

I'm sorry that you've had to cut out sports, but some exercise will help. Tai chi, yoga, and pilates are great for stretching the body and reducing pain. Depending on how your treatment goes, it can be possible to regain some things back in moderation.

I understand that it can be scary getting this so young, and kind of feel cheated. But there are still plenty of things you can do, and sometimes you can 'bend' the rules to spend time with your peeps and get some extra rest later. It's vital to maintain ties with friends and family to help you get through this. "We deceive ourselves when we fancy that only weakness needs support. Strength needs it far more."

Information is the key to keeping fibro under control. Feel free to come with any questions, and I wish you the best.


baffledmom - April 13

My 13 year old son has not yet been diagnosed with FM yet, but our appointment is this Friday at children's hospital. He has been ill for almost 2 years, on and off. His symptoms really seem to fit this. I kept thinking each time he got ill it would be the last, but then he would get ill again. He just suffered another bout last week and missed yet another week of school. We have been seeing a chiropractor for a year and he has recommended vitamin and herbal supplements. I think they have been helping, but he still has times when he feels ill. He does take B6 and B12 vitamins among other things. I wish you luck and feel for your frustration.


baffledmom - April 13

Hi, my son is 13. He has not formally been diagnosed with FM yet, but we have an appointment Friday at Children's. My son has also had this affect his life and he has had to give up on things he has always loved. He plays the viola and piano and loves his music. When he gets really ill, he is too sick to play. Luckily, he has only missed one concert due to illness, but it has frequently been touch and go. I wish you luck with your daughter. Personally, it has been a very difficult thing to watch my son be ill with no real answers. I am hoping to find some support here.


llcsmom - April 15

You can find out more by looking at my posts under support-family members. An older post has contact info for me.

I am sorry to hear that we are kind of in the same boat. It is awful to not know what is going on with your son or daughter when they are sooo miserable most of the time! IF there is a diagnosis made, then at least you can have a plan. The plan may need to change frequently(different meds, different therapies, etc.) but at least you feel like you are doing something about the mayhem that has entered your lives.
Hey, our kids could play music together! Good luck at the appointment. We make frequent trips to the children's hospital clinics where we live (and a few ER visits in between--fun!)



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