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patty flu - June 30

I am new to this forum but a vetran on the Lupus Forum,
I have been seeing a Rhumy for three years for a diagnosis of Lupus SLE, Yesterday, the PA went over my last visit blood tests, and they said my Lupus is under control, but they believe I have Fibro which is more prevelent right now, I am soo
discouraged and some relieved, I couldn't figure
out why I wasn't feeling any better only worse if
my lupus was under control, Knowing I have Fibro
now also may help my Dr. give me the treatment I
need to get well at least as well as I can.
Thank You for letting me vent, Im having a rough
week physically.


Fantod - June 30

Patty flu - Welcome to the group. Sounds like you really have your hands full. You are always welcome to vent and we will all try to help or just listen. Take some time to read through all of the information on the lefthand side of this page. This is the best site on the internet for information on Fibromyalgia (FMS). Take care.


a_pough - June 30

I understand what you are going through. I have Fibromyalgia and my Best Friend of 16years has Lupus! I was also discouraged when I learned of my diagnosis, but a bit relieved that it wasn't something more severe like Lupus! My bestfriend is 25 years old and at the age of 18, she had to have TWO hip replacement surgeries and had to take countless medications for the severe pain! But, she kept an upbeat attitude through it all. Her Lupus is under control. She is now the mother of twins and has completed both her Bachelors and Masters degrees, and is working on her Doctorate!!! She still has some bad days, but the good out weigh the bad.

I guess what I am getting at is THANK GOD the Lupus is under control and you are working on the Fibromyalgia. Quick Tip: Learn very quickly what foods trigger Fibro flare ups so that you can avoid them immediately!

I wish you luck, and hope you get better soon!!!


patty flu - June 30


Thank You so much for your response, Do you know of a special diet for fibro? I appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank You and God BLess


Fantod - July 1

patty flu - The diet for FMS is pretty simple. Nothing with an artifical sweetner including gum. If you need to use one, get Truvia or Stevia. Truvia is now available in the grocery store with the other sweetners. Stevia can be found at any decent health food store. Avoid deep fried foods and lunch meat (nitrates) which can increase you pain level. Drink plenty of water.

Other than that, eat small high protein meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar stable. The latter really helps with fatigue.
My personal prescription includes dark chocolate which makes living worthwhile on really terible days- lol. Take care.


caseyleigh - July 4

Im also new new to the forum and Ive had fibro for a long painful time. Today is a more than usual painful day. I take Lyrica 2x a day.
I take care of my granddaughter full time and that is very exhausting. I do have a little help with my mom who gets up with madison during the the night (Madison is2 1/2 months old); but I have her the rest of the the time.
Nice to meet everyone...I just needed to vent.



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