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new to FMS and i need help
3 Replies
Louise - July 18

Hi, I have recently been dioaginesed with fms and i am not 100% sure what FMS is and what it can lead to in later life - i am 17years old. I also have no way of explaining my condition to family and some do not believe i can be in so much pain. How do i explain properly what it is and invloves?


Karen - July 13

My but your very young to be going through this! I will try to explain what this is. It is the way it was explained to me - is an inflammation of the fibroid tissues that connect the muscle tissues. It is painful. everyone is different so the long term effects are hard to predict. It is not a crippling disease or so I have read. You will always find people that don't beleive you becasue they don't understand it and are not going through it. Please remember that to another person you look normal to them. Sometimes it is hard to explain it becasue there are other symtoms that go along with it. I have had fibro for five years and sleepless nights, irritable bowel, restless legs all go with it plus some other things too. The best thing to do is keep busy, do some gentle excerise. And don't worry so much about wether people beleive you or not. You know how you feel and that is the important thing. Contact your doctor too. he may be able to prescribe something for you to help with the pain. I hope this helps.


debs U.K - July 18

hi there louise as best you can lead a normal life if you let FM rule your life you wont do anyhting. on my really bad days i cut back on what i do having said that i cant sit around or i get completly fixed. i take gentle strolls each day with my puppy and we sit down when i cant do any more. im lucky that i work only very part time hours and can change my shifts to suit. at 17 you have your whole life to lead so go out there and do it. if others dont understand then dont explain you know your in pain its not in your head. hope this helps a little but if you want to chat then email me on [email protected] im not always on line though. :-)


Jem - July 18

Hi, it's my 20th birthday today and I've only been diagnosed for 18months. I found it very difficult with my family at first but with time they have learnt to understand and are very supportive. It took me time to come to terms with what was happening and it took them time too. I find that excercise is essential, even on really bad days I try and do something. Without sounding like I'm preaching just stay positive it is managable and it does get easier. I found that educating myself about it really helped, there are loads of great websites and books out there. As the person above has offered email me if you want more advice, sympathy! Might help that I'm close to your age. [email protected]
One thing that keeps me going is I can still go clubbing, I'm at uni away from home and I feel like I'm beating it. I'm sure you can too. Good Luck



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