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Fibro Woman in MO - February 3

Hi everyone, I was just recently diagnosed with this condition after two years, many tests, and 5 doctors. I felt I was going crazy and no one could tell me why I hurt and why it was getting worse every day. My regular DR was just treating me with pain drugs. I hate the way the drugs make me feel, but they do soften the pain, but it never goes a way.

I just seen a Specialist in Fibro and they understand what I'm going through--that alone makes feel a little better.

I'm having all kinds of problems with the medications though. I tried Lyrica and had an allergic reaction and can't take it. Next I tried Celebrex and it caused my Acid Reflux and asthma to act up and I can't take it.

Now I'm on Nutrin and back on pain medications again. I also take cymbaltra and restrol for sleep.

The doctors say they will add some new meds on my next visit. Will this ever end?

Is anyone else going through all these medications and have you found any that work. I never knew much about drugs before but now I am learning.

Has anyone found any paticular exercise that helps? I start water arobics next week.

I'm just so tired and hurt so bad at all the time, I just want to roll up in a ball on my bed and never leave it. I have been pushing myself and pushing but I don't feel I'm getting anywhere.

I lost my job because I can't work. This illness just seems to run my life and I can't get my life back. I just wanted to vent to someone who knows what I'm going through.

Thank you


myself - February 3

Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear you are feeling bad.

I am new to meds, so can't really help you in the "what works best" department, but i can give you some advice on what i have read from research and doctors.

So far, they don't know what causes it, so we don't know when this will ever end. This is still a fairly new disease, so we are at the beginning of proper treatment and finally getting noticed as a real disease.

I do know that there are tons of meds that doctors like to use and ever patient is different. You have to keep trying until you hopefully find one that works for you.

I swell up with celebrex, methotrexate etc. the chemicals in many drugs will have a bad effect on many of us and can cause us to loose a good drug. Remember to try generics and brand name if you have problems as the chemicals added to them might be the problem and not the actual form of treatment.

Remember to take your vitamins, B, calcium, d magnesium, e and iron as these all have trouble forming to your system, be sure to take them under dr. supervision and not at the same time as your medication as some can cause your meds to not do as good of job.

My mom and i have both lived with this since our births. We don't know if it runs in the family, or if it is a birth defect as my mother was born with part of her brain shut off and i was born with my back and hips out of shape and molded back together. This disease is said to be either spine or brain or both causing it.

I wish there was more information out there for us to learn how to deal with this. At times i am completely bed ridden, at other times i have bad pain but can walk in a store for a short time. It has it ups and lots of downs.

Remember to be happy as emotions of being depressed or too happy can cause you to hurt more.

I wish you well.


Fibro Woman in MO - February 4

thank you so much. The dr called today and told me one of my tests show a serious vitamin D deficiency. I start that supplement today. I feel alone in this pain, even with my husbands wonderful support. I just get depressed, because I can't do the things I need to do or want to do.
I have been reading a lot on this sight and I am seeing that there are a lot of people living with this. I will keep trying to go on and mabey I can help someone some time. Thank you


solanadelfina - February 5

Salutations! You're far from alone in this. I tried Lyrica once, but the next morning I woke up so disoriented that I could barely walk a straight line and ended up calling in sick. (If that's what being drunk feels like, I'll keep sticking with my teas. :) ) Tramadol works wonders for both me and my aunt. But, everyone is different, so you have to find what suits you best. I also take a low dose of Feldene every night as a muscle relaxant to catch some better zzzz's.

As for exercises, I do range of motion and various yoga stretches morning and night, and it's done more for me than any pill so far. Try bending your fingers at all the joints, then the wrists and arms, ankles and knees, and so on until every joint is extended. Start with whatever count is comfortable and add slowly as you go. Tai Chi is also quite good, and is gentle enough to use even on some bad days. Water exercises are reputed to be among the very best to do with this.

It's a big life adjustment, but try to revel in those things you can still do. And try to engage in humor whenever possible- it really does help.

Good luck, and welcome.


axxie - February 5

Welcome to the Fmily, we all understand, you are not alone. I would look at finding out if you can get disability. It's finding what works for you. You might want to start by keeping a journal of your symptoms. Because of the pain receptors may be involved, you may have to try many different medications and therapies before finding a combination that works well for you. Pain is a major factor for FMS and you need pain relief so that your body & mind have a chance to work on feeling better. Otherwise, pain itself can consume your life. You can't concentrate on stretching exercises when someone is chewing off your leg.



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