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New to fibromyalgia
4 Replies
Elizabeth Prichard - July 23

I am 36 years old and have been suffering from muscle aches and headaches for 4 months. As fibromyalgia is hard to diagnose, one seems to go from Doctor to Doctor. The pain is mostly in my thighs, hips and lower back. My sleep has been deteriorating for a couple of months as well. I started seeing a chiropractor 2 months ago who has been doing body stress release on me. It definately seems to be helping slowly. He says that I have adrenal fatigue which will improve over time. I have had alot of stress over the last year, being healthy prior to it. My mom has been suffering from obsessional depression for a year and has put huge emotional strain on us which has led me to burnout. On top of it, my cat who I love dearly got knocked down 4 months ago which led to huge stress and long recovery.I have been feeling really fatigued and battling to fall asleep, or wake up in the night, never feeling refreshed. I visited my GP two weeks ago who did blood tests to get a basis for me. All the tests came back normal except for my thyroid TSH lever which was border lying low which could be responsible for alot of my symptoms. He has put me on Trepiline 10mg to help with me sleeping and given me an anti inflammatory for two months. My sleep has definately improved this week, and my leg pain has improved but not gone. Could my fibromyalgia be from low serotonin levels due to stress, or from my thyroid which is low? The GP thinks that my fibromyalgia is stress induced. I am trying to do more for myself. Have been having regular massages. I really hope that it all improves in time.


kathleen Paterson - July 24

Hi Elizabeth
I have suffered chronic headaches for 3 years, I too have pain all over especially hips lower back and neck , I think stress definetly makes everything worse . I tried chiropractor but did not make much difference . I am also on thyroid medication as I have high thyroid antibodies . I am now trying low dose cypralex , dont know if it will work.
It is just a mtter of trying different things to see what works for you.
hopefully everything will get better soon.
Do you have any strange sensations such as numbing and vibrating sensations ? I am plagued with all that sort of stuff
take care kathy


Fantod - July 24

Elizabeth - You really should be seen by a rheumotologist. Give your local hospital a call and ask for the physician referral service. They should be able to point you in the right direction. I'm sure stress is a contributing factor but this problem is best handled by a rheumy. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


Elizabeth Prichard - July 25

Hi. Thanks for all the advice. I am repeating my thyroid leves in two months time as this is the first time it has been low. I am not on any medication for my thyroid as yet. I haven't had any strange sensations, mostly fatigue, headaches which have gone, muscle pain in my thighs and lower back. I will be making an appointment to see the rheumatologist as the GP looked at me like I was crazy when I told him that I think it is fibromyalgia. They send you for unnecessary tests and back xrays.I am trying very hard to listen to my body, resting when I can, and trying to get more sleep. It is funny how you evaluate your life differently once you realise how you are physically suffering. It is like your body is telling you to change your lifestyle.


JJ1 - July 25

Elizabeth, I know that my fibromyagia symptoms are stress induced. I first started having symptoms after dealing with an extremely stressful period in my life. Getting REM sleep is critical to me. If I can get rested then most of my pain disappears. I know it may be hard when you are hurting, but getting exercise also seems to help me in the long run. Sometimes there is immediate discomfort with exercise, but if I can work my way through it, I sleep better and feel better. I do low impact very mild exercise, like walking and swimming/water exercises. Hope the rheumatologist can help you!



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