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New Pain Patch
2 Replies
Fantod - August 10

For those of you who are interested, there is a new pain patch on the market called "Flector." This is a prescription medication made by Alapharma Pharmaceuticals. It is a topical, non narcotic medication delivered via a patch which is used every twelve hours. As a topical medication it does not get into your blood stream and affect you or any other medications that you may be taking. I've been "test driving" these patches for a couple of weeks. They are pretty effective. If you have pain in a particular area like
costochronditis or bursitis these patches may be helpful. The patch is not meant to deliver pain relieving medication throughout the body. Wherever it is applied is where it works. They are, however, quite expensive. A thirty day supply for me was a $75.00 co-pay. Before insurance at Costco they are about $314.00 for a thirty day supply. I'm pretty pleased with the results so I thought I'd pass this information along.


Gabbie - August 10

Hi Fantod. When I was first diagnosed with fibro my rheumatologist originally prescribed Lidocaine patches which were very expensive. He told me he could give me the same thing in an ointment form which would work as well as the patch and the tube costs under $10.00 co-pay and lasts longer than a month. I rub it into the pressure points on the inside of the knees and sometimes by the elbows and it's amazing how much relief it gives. It sounds like it works the same as the Flector you are talking about. Of course the patch is more convenient, but I just cover up the spot of cream with a bandaid. I am able to get relief from the knee pain for most of the day. Maybe the Flector also comes in a cream form or possibly the lidocaine would work for you and also save a lot of money.


Fantod - August 11

Hello Gabbie - Thanks for your suggestions but I am way past using lidocaine or a pain relieving ointment. I was using Ketoprofen which is made up by a compound pharmacy but it was not working any more. Flector comes in patch form only. I included the price information because I felt someone may ask. Thank you for your prompt response and kind suggestions. Take care.



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