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New Pain Med
8 Replies
fibrochica - June 8

Hello my fellow FMS sufferers! I have not posted anything in a long time, no excuses, but do read the other posts. I hope this finds everyone as good as possible and wanted to share something. Almost by accident, I was placed on a drug called Nucynta for pain - by an urgent care facility. My pain Dr. agreed and I was using it for about 4 months and actually found it helped. It did not make me sleepy and really eased the pain. I have just been taken off of it because I started Savella and the Dr. tells me there is the potential of bad reactions with that combo. I was taking it with Lyrica and Ambien though- so it is safe with those. Anyway- thought I should share in case someone found this helpful.
Take Care all and I hope this helps at least one of you!! ( the drug is pretty expensive, but if it helps...)


Noca - June 8

Never heard of the drug before. Apparently it is something like Tramadol only stronger. There are lots of different opioids no ones ever heard of that are rarely used. It looks like its still patent and is going to be expensive for quite a while.


Canada17 - June 9

I searched Nucynta and found their website. This is what it says:

"NUCYNTA® is a single molecule with a different approach to pain relief. It is the first new molecule in analgesia in over 25 years for the relief of moderate to severe acute pain in patients 18 years of age or older. NUCYNTA® works differently than other currently available opioids.* It may be an appropriate choice for some patients."

Very interesting indeed! Though it sounds like this would be a drug to be considered for short term use as it is for acute, not chronic, pain. But, if it helps and is safe then that is essentially what matters.


Noca - June 9

I doubt its available in Canada, prolly only the US.


mimosette - June 9


Did you ever try Tramadol ? (it makes me very sick) If this is different from Tramadol, I'd be willing to try it.

I am waiting on a referral to a pain doc, since apparently ALL pain meds make me sick.(faint, quick BP drop, nausea, weakness)


fibrochica - June 9

Hi Mimosette!

Sorry to hear you cannot take any pain meds so far. I have tried tramadol- didn't work for me. I know I should be more specific on this, but the way the Dr told me what made Nucynta different was that it treated "pain signals" leaving the brain and then treated signals going back to the brain - if that makes sense??? Kind of like a "dual" med.

Take Care :)


adriean - June 13

Lyrica caused me to have a small TIA (stroke) so I stopped immediately and I was taking Vicodin the pain was so bad, but now I am trying the patch which does help along with wellbutrin which is mainly for depression but is used for other things as well. I have been pain free for 3 days now and I hope it stays that way. I was in so much pain I could not focus on anything and then I started falling down my legs were so weak and painful I fell 3 times and then I'd had it. Wellbutrin works for me.


adriean - June 13

B4 you try tramadol read all you can about it because it is very and quickly addicting. I know I took it and had a hard time getting off it.


julissarodriguez - June 13


I have been on Tramadol for a few years now.. I know that there are various kinds of Tramadol. I take the one without codeine. My mother was prescribed the Tramadol with codeine and that one I have heard is addicting. Which tramadol did you take? Just curious...



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