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New member, Just diagnosed after a years of battle
7 Replies
hammalc - November 22

I just joined the forums a few days ago and already started answering some questions but thought to introduce myself.

I was just diagnosed with FMS a month ago. I've had symptoms for the past 7 years along with other ongoing joint problems. Was misdiagnosed with many rheumatic diseases, including RA. But verdict is final now: FMS associated with Costochondritis, Minere's disease, Sleep Apnea, and a collection of many other conditions.

I just graduated from college less than a year ago. Had all the symptoms during all 6 college years without knowing what it was. We thought it was arthritis. I am now a visual artist, luckily working on my own time however, quit a previous desk job, partly because my body couldn't handle it.

By now, my FMS strongly affects my sleep, increased my apneas, have frequent fatigue flares along with very severe pain attacks that can be disabling when they reach their peak. My attacks are much more frequent the past year. My most affected areas are the hips, back, knees, hands, neck and shoulders. I'm not the kind of persons that knows depression or giving-up so I try my best. However, I can't deny that lately it hits me a lot when I realize I'm only 25 and relying on narcotic pain killers for the pain and seeing myself being useless for many days until the attack passes or using crutches frequently when the hips r too painful to walk. But luckily with FMS, when there's no flares, I'm totally fine and active again; at least for a while to enjoy.

I'm glad I found this forum and hope I can help as many as possible. Thank you for creating this space.


Fantod - November 23

Welcome Carol - You will find a good group of people here and a lot of good information.


AKFlyfisher - December 20

Just keep tyring and find something you like to do. I am going on 40 yrs and have had this illness for 10 years and sleep horrible every night with bad dreams and go to work day after day with a headache and sore back. Luckily my employer hasnt fired me for coming in at 9:30 every day for years, but I work hard as I can at the "desk". I live alone and dont have as many friends anymore, this illness makes you withdrawal and not want to be around people as much wich is sad. I feel so crappy, I dont keep in touch with past friends as much any more. So try to keep going and try not to set too high of goals. I have a good paying job and a mortgage, and worry about re-tirement, but feel a lot of times not making it to that age, we will see I guess. Just keep reading the forums, you are not alone. I doubt any medication will fix our illness. There is no money in a CURE!!!


Gabbie - December 21

Hello Carol. I have had the symptoms of fibro for many years, and blamed them on numerous other things until I was formally diagosed last year. It's not easy and there were times that I was very discouraged or depressed or just plain angry. I allowed myself some time to feel sorry for myself and then chose to pick up the pieces and get on with my life. Life is certainly not the same, but I found that outlook is so very important. Although there are days when it's difficult to even move around, I don't give up and try to find something to smile about. Take it one day at a time and try to find a "happy medium" for your activities because too much or too little can make the problem worse. You will eventually find what works best for you. I take Tylenol PM to help me sleep and use lidocaine cream (rheumatologist prescribed) on some of the pressure points to help alleviate some of the pain. When you are in "remission", although the temptation to take the entire world on is there, don't, because it could quickly bring back the symptoms full force. Take life a little slower and keep a positive outlook even on the days that it's most difficult. Continue to visit this forum, it's the best therapy. Welcome.


Barb202 - December 25

I'm new to this site also. I was just diagnosed on 12/14/09 after years of pain and flu like symptoms. My doctor prescribed Savella. I have never felt so horrible. I have felt better after major surgery! I stopped taking it after 3 days, then I got really sick. I kept passing out and could barely raise a glass to my mouth to drink. That lasted for 3 (long) days and nights. I am just taking Cymbalta, Flexeril & an occasional Vicodin for severe pain. I am going to try controlling it with diet and homeopathic treatments before I ever go on any other FM medication. I'll check out the food forum next. I just want to say hi and thank you all for the support. I can see this is a great community and I hope someday to be helping out the newbies.


gzusrox - December 25

Hi, welcome! I am new here also. I joined about 4 days also. I have similar symptoms as yours. I have a walker, but it doesnt really help when u just cant walk. I would have a wheelchair but we have carpeting. I miss my old house, we had hardwood floors and i would just use my office chair to get around when i couldnt walk.. Winter seems to be worse for me, and i try not to wear my winter boots, if i do i cannot walk on my left leg. hope to keep talking with you, Christie.


axxie - December 26

Welcome to the forum Carol, like you, I had many symptoms and blamed it on everything but fibro. Hard to believe that fibro can cripple someone for days on end and not have pain killers to give you relief.

Hope you peruse the site, many good people and good articles for you to read.


chucksusanandgrace - December 26

I am glad to hear that you finally found a diagnoses. :-)



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