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Hi all, let me start with a little history. 5 years ago my GP actually wrote in my medical chart that she thought I had Fibro. At the time my symtoms were relativly mild, sore fingers, tired all the time and a general sense of "not feeling right" after many test (all with negative results) fibro was what she thought. Sent me to a local Rheumy and he said that I had OA and not Fibro. Since that time (5 years) my pain has increase 100x or more and the fatigue makes me feel like I can't even walk. In the interem it was found that I have congenital adrenal hyperplasia, TMJ (severe), acid reflux with a hiatal hernia, IBS with constipation (going once a week and only with an emnema)asthma and the list goes on. I have been seeing a chiro for almost six years for neck pain so severe it was causing terrible headaches on a daily basis. now 1 year ago my GP said lets try the rheumy once again. This time I had enough wide-spread pain and fatigue that he did dx me with Fibro
Just to control the symptoms of Fibro I am taking the following meds
Celebrex 200 mg
Lyrica was 50 mg three times a day now 75 twice a day
Savella...just started this 2 weeks ago and really hope that it helps
Lunesta and Zaneflex to get me to sleep and keep me asleep so I actually feel rested although not fatigue free some days.
Provigil (rheumy did a study in conjunction with SUNY upstate in NY) and it works great for the deading fatigue and "fibro fog" on the really bad days
not to mention the meds for the other probs including Kapidex, Singulair, sprironilactone advair and nasocort AQ ...sigh
Currently I have such severe pain in my shoulders, neck, lower back and hips that i have a heat therapy wrap on the lower back, and lidoderm cut in three for shoulder, rt hip and lt hip....this is with the the way I am nearly 42 and already i feel like i'm 90+ yrs. this whole week has been so awful that I spent most of the week crying (even at work) because of the pain. when its flared up like this I get at my wits end....sorry for the long post...but it actually feels good to vent


Fantod - June 13

Welcome to the group! Most of us have been in your shoes to one degree or another. And some of us, are still are fighting an uphill battle with fibromyalgia (FMS). You are not alone.

This is the best site that I have come across for FMS. I would encourage you to take some time to go through the various postings and read all of the information in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page.

It sounds like your doctors are pretty much on the ball. Savella is new to the market. I was just given a two week sample to try. The problem with chronic pain is that the longer it goes on, the harder it is to stop. In your case, it sounds like that is exactly what happened.

Have you considered seeing a pain specialist to see if they have a different take on your situation? Drastic measures such as a series of shots of sarapin or some other pain deadening med to break the pain cycle might be a good option. Take someone with you if you go that route and bring an ice pack. I drove myself home after 12 shots in the trigger points in my lower back. Never again...

I have never found lidocaine patches to be very effective. I can offer two better alternatives. One is the Flector pain patch which only works where it is applied. It does not get into your bloodstream therefore it will not interfere with other medication. The Flector patch is woren 12 hours on and 12 hours off. This is a prescription med and should be available at any pharmacy.

The other option is an ointment called ketoprofen. This has to be made up my a compound pharmacy. I would suggest the 20% version with lidocaine added. There are compound pharmacies all over. If one is not convenient to your home, the script can be faxed and they will mail the medication to you. Ketoprofen works well especially if you add a layer of saran wrap over the affected area. You can leave the saran wrap on for 2 hours ONLY. This allows the cream to absorb better. Nothing like a new fashion statement to brighten one's day....

Bear in mind if you opt to try any of these, that it will take time for anything to work effectively. You did not get into this predicament over night and it can not be fixed immediately.

I am now going to address diet issues as many things you may be eating can also ratchet up your pain level. Stay away from anything that contains an artifical sweetner. If you need something for coffee, go to the grocery store and buy Truvia. You can find it right along side all the other sweetners. This one is made from Stevia and is a much better choice. Deep fried food, and lunchmeat (nitrates)may all make your pain level worse and may account for your headaches.

Do you wear a night guard for TMJ? I have had it for years and as a result of clenching and grinding most of my teeth are crowned. TMJ will also cause nasty head, neck and shoulder pain. If you don't have a bite guard find a dentist that specializes in TMJ and get one. Between the saran wrap and Mike Tyson's mouthguard, I am totally fetching at all times...

And finally, try (and this is a tough one)not to focus on everything that is wrong. It is important to be grateful for anything, no matter how trivial that you can accomplish or enjoy. Keeping a sense of humor in the face of adversity will get you through just about anything. You are welcome to ask any questions, rant, get a reality check or anything else that will make you feel better. Take care and God bless.



thanks for all the advice, I see my GP next week and will ask for a referral to a Pain specialist. As for my mood, I am usually way more upbeat and don't usally let the pain become my focus but besides the unrelenting pain this week I have has several emotional "crisies" this week so it just got the best of me. Life is much easier to live with a smile than a frown and as for "fetching" image me with all of these patches on me.. I look like the poster child for a first aid brochure on but such is life. I am really glad I came across this site. Lots of stuff I was aware of but some that just blew me away. I told hubby I could spend a whole day just reading everything. If I am not textbook I not sure who is. Have a great night and thanks again


Cassiel - June 13

I certainly understand and validate your difficulty at work. I have adrenal insufficiency
disease, RA and FMS. And a history of TTP and Valley Fever. Most of these were consecutive diagnoses over the last 3 yrs and I finally mentally and emotionally crashed. I was in a severe crisis but smart enough to reach out. I'm now on disability/meds/therapy, both physical and emotional. DONT GIVE UP. Follow the advice of these people, be your own advocate, get to know your limitations, understand you will be frustrated and it's ok. Keep a sense of humor.
You'll mourn the loss of what you were but will find new ways to be. Keep looking forward and as
Fantod said find the small things to be grateful for. It really does help.
Blessings to you for your health.



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