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New meds worked and now don't! not coping well!
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hellou - November 21

Hi there
Am a UK sufferer who has always tried the alternative remedy approach but no real sucess. I finally gave in and tried old style anti depressents to try to manage pain. After experimenting with differnet meds with support from my doc I finally found great relief by taking 50mg per day of Dosulipin. I was pain free after two days and felt like a new person.This was short lived though and after only a week they stopped working and all my old symptoms are back. As I write this I am in tears and so angry because i am in so much pain all over. Everyone says at least you had a good week out of it..but they don't understand that it is so frustrating because you think you have found a cure and then you are back to square one. Does anyone else have this positive response to new meds and then things go back to normal or is it just me? I have the same thing happen with alternative remedies and supplements too.. always a week of positive results and then back to the old pain and low mood! Thanks for listening.. I am having a very bad fibro day and struggling to be positive.. you all know what that is like!


Fantod - November 21

Can you or have you seen a pain specialist? Many people with FMS require a great deal of tinkering to get pain medication that consistently works well. A pain specialist may have some better recommendations. I would be sure to tell them that everything that you have tried stops working in a week. That tells me that you may have a metabolic problem when it comes to medication. Some people are either completely intolerant (me) or can take buckets of pills to no effect (possibly you). Some eople just require higher doses than other people to achieve the same effect. The hardest part of dealing with FMS is handling the unexpected downturns. Its like being on a roller coaster that just isn't a whole lot of fun anymore. I hardly know what to say to you right now. You have every right to be angry and frustrated. I have periodic pity parties because I think we all need to vent. But, I only let them go on for a day at the most and then it is back to plotting world domination or whatever from my couch (lol). The thing about FMS that keeps me energized is the constant fight to get past the next thing. If I can't go through it, than I'll go under or around. There is an answer for your situation. You have to believe that and fight for it until you get there. I tackle life from unexpected corners and I think that thinking outside the box particularly when it comes to FMS has been helpful to me. I that hope some of my comments have been helpful. Let us know how you are and take care.


hellou - November 22

Thanks Fantod. You sound a lot like me because yesterday was a very low point but as always I have bounced back emotionally and am ready to tackle things from a new angle. Sometimes the self pity days seem like they are going to go on forever but somehow I manage to turn things around.Iam convinced that one day I will find a solution to this. I had never thought about a pain specialist so thanks for the suggestion I will get onto it. Wishing you all the best Hellou


Sonja44 - November 26

Hi. I'm new to this forum but thought it would do me good to have fellow-sufferers to chat with. I try very hard not to complain to my loved ones and for the most part I can meet that goal of mine. Other days...well, you know...suck.

I'm currently going on two full months of intense pain in my forearm/elbow area. Lifting a glass of water...turning a door knob...using a pump spray bottle...all very painful to do. The first med the doc put me on didn't work and caused insomnia. I'm now taking a different med and waiting...waiting for some relief.

I'm still walking my dogs Mon thru Fri for at least 30 to 40 minutes (slow and steady pace). I'm also using moist heat...can't bring myself to ice the area (cringe just thinking about it).

Anyway, nice to be here with those who really know about this pain (no pun intended). Sonja44


Fantod - November 26

Sonja44 - Has your arm been evaluated for other problems? It might be carpal tunnel which is common in people with FMS. Have you tried a topical rub such as Arnica which can be found in any decent health food store. Arnica is very good for pain, bruising and swelling. You could also ask your doctor for the Flector Pain Patch. This patch only works where it is applied. No medication is getting into your bloodstream and interfering with anything else you are taking. I have a back problem and use this patch pretty regularly. It works very well but it is an expensive copay for me ($75.00) for a 30 day supply. But, I'd rather pay that than put up with the type of pain I have when my back is acting up. As far as meds go for FMS, some of them can take up to a month before things start to improve. Most people usually notice some improvement after a couple of weeks. It does take time and a lot of tinkering to find the best combination each person. Take care.


Sonja44 - November 27

Fantod - Happy Thanksgiving! I appreciate the information. The new med the doc put me on has helped in that I am sleeping MUCH better. I'm hoping that in a few weeks things will Calm down. Yes, No other problems in my arms...just my fibro.

I'm a stay at home domestic engineer. I can control my schedule and am usually able to take my dogs for a walk, going slow and steady, for about 30 to 40 minutes...Mon thru Fri. I have cut out dairy and limit my meat intake greatly. I was in health care prior to getting down sized and had wonderful resources. My energy has been pretty good during this arm flare up...for the most part.

I've had fibro for 9 years about you?



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