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new med Savella
9 Replies
fancithatt - September 23

Hello to all,
I just wanted to let you know that I have been taking this new fibro med Savella for around 2 1/2 months and I have had excellent results with it!! I have had some major crisis type stuff going on with my family but I have not had a total flare up since I started this med. It have really worked for me so I wanted to share the name of the med.
Good luck to you all


axxie - September 23

Hi fancithatt, thanks for the information, I and many others wanted to know how well savella worked. Does the medication help you with the fibrofog?

Continue to post and let us know how well or bad you respond to the medication.



mustangsh - September 23

Thats great and thanks for the info. Are you having any side effects from Savella.


fancithatt - September 24

Hi axxie, I still have the fibrofog but I do have a clearer head most of the time. I hope that makes sence. I will be happy to keep you updated.


fancithatt - September 24

as far as side effects go, at first I did have hot flashes but after the first month they stopped. I do still have dry mouth but I can always drink more water!I haven't had any bad side effects with the Savella. I have to say that I tried, Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Neurontin for the daily fibro pain and the side effects were really bad and none of them worked on the pain at all. I still have to take other meds besides the Savella but it has been working wonders for me. If you have any questions for me please ask because I am thrilled that something is working.


axxie - September 24

facithatt, thanks for the info, it's great to read how others are coping.

I can't wait for Savella to be introduced in Canada, I'm told another year. I'm currently on Cymbalta it's ok, but it seem to have lost its effectiveness? if there such a thing.....


chowda72 - October 7

I'm also taking Sarvella for 4 months and have noticed a hugh reduction in pain I take it in combination with Cymbalta although I am not pain free it's alot beeter than what it was.


fancithatt - October 8

Hi chowda72, that's the same thing my doctor has me doing I take it and also Cymbalta and it really seems to be helping me. I have been under some MAJOR stress for the last few months and it is still working. I'm really happy with it, although not totally pain free it sure helps better than anything I have tried before. Good luck to you and I hope it continues to bring you relief too.


chowda72 - October 10


I was diagnosed with FM in 1995 when i was 22, I also have Hashimoto's disease (diagnosed at 18). I am now 37. up untill 2006 I was able to treat my FM with tylenol and Advil. Since 2006 I have been a downward path of PAIN, & injuries. I went thru multiple drugs and treatments. This is the first combination that has truely worked together with going to the chiropractor and an Alternative pain specialist. I have days when the weather will make the pain a little worse. but i feel 100% better than I did 4months ago.


vcasas - October 13

I too have been taking Savella. Along with Magnesium, Fatigued to Fantastic vitamins, and vitamin D. I have been feeling very well. I go to work and feel great. However, I still have my flareups. Now that we are having cold fronts and more rain, my body feels it. I've been taking this combination for about 3 months. If I had to give you a percent, I'd say I feel about 70% better. And for anyone with fibro, we'll take any percent. Good luck to you.



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