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mamacurt - January 4

I make a joke of it and call it my hair hurting,but my head is very tender,so most times I don't brush my hair,just wondering if anyone else has the same problem?

I was just diagnosed(sp)in sept. of 09 but have been looking for an answer for years. I went to a rhumy ,she said fibro and sent me back to my regular dr.,like she didn't want to deal with me.
my dr. don't want to (as she put it)start me on narcotis. we tried lyrica and gabapentin with no sucess right now i'm taking amitripylin and tramadol, but it seems that the amitripylin is not working as weel as it did a month ago, nor is the tramadol. I can call and get vicodin once in a while but not with out a fight.
there are not a lot of choices of dr.s where i live. It's an all day round trip to the one i go to now and i have looked up fibro friendly dr's in my area and the nearest one is a couple of hundred mile round trip.guess that's what i get for living on an island.

well thanks for letting me ramble on.


iliveinpain - January 4

yep, my scalp hurts all the time!!!


axxie - January 4

Hello mamacurt and welcome to our forum.

Only specific drugs and some antidepressants are the norm to treat fibro. You may want to talk to your doctor about Cymbalta mostly given to women, apparently men don't do well on this drug, recent studies show.

These four drugs are Serotonin and Norepineprine reuptake inhibitors commonly knows as SNRIs -
Effexor XR a promising show in significant improvement in pain intensity - Lyrica great resul draw back rapid weight gain - Savella new in the US, but widely reported use in Europe, multiple dosage required throughout the day.

Many sufferer report significant decrease in one medication or another, rotating and combination seem to promote better at managing fibromyalgia and its perks. (It's up to the doctor to decide).

Managing your fibro and using what is right for you, is what works, it's not about the power or fast relief such as opiods, it's about putting you on the best drug or combination of, that will respond to your needs.

You will have to be your own best advocate when visiting your primary physician, a trick that many widely use is writing questions down and briging printed material to help you back your claim.

We are all here to assist you, please do ask questions, we are not doctors we are merely fibro sufferers who help each other when needed. Sometimes we give accolades other times a pat on the back, there are times we can be a bit stern with you but only from the goodness of our hearts to be respond.

To you my friend a hub, it's free, it cost nothing and it's the best gift someone can have.



axxie - January 4

I do mean a HUG, I seem to have problems writing one of the persk of fibro, when body reacts to outside noise, pressure etc.

Yes, I do sometimes have the scalp hurting so bad, that I don't want to wash my hair, let alone brushing or putting hot hair on my scalp. Its called a fibro flare a wide known perk.



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