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New here and wondering about FM/allergies
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Robinsz - May 16

Hi Everyone!After reading lots of posts, I decided to join this group and ask a couple questions. I was diagnosed 13 years ago with fibro by a chiropractor. Since I have several herniated discs in my mid-back and neck, along with arthritis, the docs I have seen before told me "fibromyalgia was a catch-all phrase, not real, a term given to someone with arthritis and muscle spasms, etc....I am sure most of you have experienced all that.

The past two years have been horrible with the pain and other symptoms escalating. I also found that too much stress makes everything worse. I got a new doctor this year who is great! She knows all about FM and has been a life-saver. She is the one who encouraged me to find a support group/chat group and to study the disease. I have had adverse or over-reactions to all meds, even the ones I use to take. So I am trying alternatives.

The question I have is has anyone noticed allergies flaring up worse when the FM does? I have had bad allergies this year, and then got a virus and was in bed for a week. No matter how bad my symptoms or pain or any virus has been, I have never missed a whole week off work. That is what scared me into finding some kind of connection. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

I have eliminated wheat (gluten) and sugar from my diet and this seems to be helping too.

Thanks for reading and letting me share.


ShesRestored - June 15

Hey Robinsz,

Glad you joined this group! I joined recently too and it has been a great source of help.

Yes, I have pretty bad allergies, in fact, I was gonna post something on here tonight about just that!
I know what you are talking about- I have had that too. It is pretty random with the length of time but not uncommon to be out for a week. Some flare-ups go on longer than that. You are right about the stress connection though- have you in recent years added more stress to daily living maybe?
What I have noticed specifically is that when I have my allergy symptoms ( sore throats, sinusitis, weird mucus stuck in back of throat thing (surely, there is a name for it?) I am usually feeling good otherwise (i.e. no weakness, fatigue, wacky hormone fluctuations etc). As annoying as the allergies are, I prefer them any day over the other. Wondering if you or anyone else has noticed this also???

Hope you feel better this week!
Good tip on the sugar- I need to cut down!


axxie - June 15

Hello Robinsz and welcome to the forum. It sure is nice to have new members, but not the fybro.

I have taken allergies very seriously, last year, I was taken this antibiotic that I have taken for sinus infection, never had trouble, until one fine evening last year, where I took my first dose and promptly notice that I had itching. I just thought it was because I had probably touched something and had passed it on my skin. A mere few more minutes and the itch was all over my skin, I took a benadryl and waited for it to pass and took a quick shower thinking cool water was going to be the lifesaver. Not so, after the cool shower I notice I was having problems swallowing and found myself being driven to the hospital with a worried husband. By that time I had swallowed two benadryl and was still having problems breathing. A short trip to the hospital made me realize that I was actually allergic to a common antibiotic. I was alble to go one a few hours later, when they notice that the benadryl and the shot they gave me worked. I was then instructed to always have benadryl in liquid, and pills with me at all times, and that if this happened again, with any medication that I would need an epi-pen. I have the prescription and I'm very cautious now when it comes to any antibiotic that I take, my pharmacy and medical dockets all have it written down.

I have notice that when I'm very stress, that I seem to be allergic to many things, for instance brown rice, egg whites, red wine, beer, bread, garlic, milk, cheeze. It would seem as I have been confirmed to have fibro that the list keeps growing.

I have been instructed by my doctor to take a benadryl in the evening in the spring, summer and fall as I'm also have allergic reaction and asthma induced from allergic reactions to everything outside that grows, mold, grass, etc.

I have now eliminated glutten in my diet and find my so called diet more restrictive with time.

the funny thing is I have seen an allergist and none of the things I have written even came out in my allergy test, but then the allergist said that he was not surprised, he sees alot of patients with fibro and do not register allergies but are actually allergic and that he has accepted it as one of those fluke that fibro people do not always register for allergies, but do have them.

Go figure.


judie58 - June 16

read my tread on a-1 allergies are bad but now i think maybe not allergies but due to FM as they are there season in and season out and no matter where i travel



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