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New here, and question about dizziness
6 Replies
solanadelfina - November 26

Greetings! I was newly diagnosed with fibro in late August and am still attempting to get everything under control, especially with a MN winter approaching. Lately, I have been having some problems with dizzy spells, sometimes to the point where I don't trust my driving abilities and am afraid of passing out at work. I received no answers at a fibro clinic, and have been largely unsuccessful in finding anything helpful on the web. The dizzy spells occured even before I was diagnosed and started medications, but lately have been occuring almost every day. Today was the first day that I have had bad dizzy spells and pain in the same day. (That's what I get for daring the universe.)
If anyone else has countered this symptom or would have any suggestions as to what to try, I would be very grateful. I also plan on calling my doctor tomorrow to see if she has any ideas, but I like getting information from those who have been there. My thanks.


Fantod - November 26

Welcome to the group. Take some time to read all of the information on the lefthand side of this page under "Navigation." You will find a reference to dizziness under "fibromyalgia symptoms." Personally, I have only had a couple of mild episodes of this problem which resolved itself. Take care.


Gabbie - November 26

I have had some problems with dizziness. For me, it starts with a feeling of nausea so I pretty much know what's coming next. I stop what I'm doing, breath slowly and try to keep as still as possible because even the slightest movement makes it much worse. That seems to have the lightheadedness pass a little more quickly. I am not taking the meds that are often prescribed so I know that this symptom is coming from the fibro. I sometimes have this problem daily, but it eventually lets up. Hopefully it will with you also. Possibly what I have mentioned that I do will also be of help to you. I wish you well.


Sonja44 - November 27

This was my first symptom. I'd be at my desk when instantly became dizzy, light headed, and it took every once of energy I had just to breath. I worked in a hospital and was able to document these "episodes." It's called NMH (Neuroly Mediated Hypotension). Its different from Orthostatic Hypotension in that NMH can happen at anytime for no reason. Blood pressure (BP) drops as well as heart rate. In "normal" people when BP drops their heart rate increases to compensate.

I still get those episodes but they don't happen as often and they are not as intense. I just lay flat or with my legs slightly elevated until I feel some what "normal" again. Then I layer my clothing because I'm usually cold after.

I was told by 3 different docs to increase my salt intake as well as water. Good luck, Sonja44


solanadelfina - December 2

Thank you all for your kind welcome and counsel. While I'm certain that at least some of the dizzy spells are caused by the fibro, the daily ones seem to have been caused by some irritation in my ears. Adding a Benadryl to my morning medication cocktail is making a difference. I still plan on keeping up on the water and lying down when needed, (thank goodness we have two couches in the break area at work). Hopefully the other occasions will be helped by these methods as well!


llcsmom - December 2

Yes, my daughter has had this as one of her symptoms for 2 years. At 10 years old, she was not taking any meds for anything, when she atarted having symptoms which turned out to be fibro (diagnosed at almost 11 yo).
This was puzzling to me that she had lightheadedness and dizziness, even though she had normal blood sugar levels and iron levels. Well, once I had read up on fibro before she was diagnosed--it all went together--the pain,fatigue,nausea, and yes, dizzy/lightheaded spells. She lays down if it gets bad. I tell her to take deep, relaxing breaths. Sometimes she listens to me, the "all knowing mom" and sometimes she doesn't--she' almost a teenager now!LOL


Xxinside.jokexX - December 9

i guess it comes with the package bcuz i get dizzy when doing even the simplest things.. like for example if i lean down to pick something up when i get up i get really dizzy at times things even black out for a couple of seconds and i feel as if my blood pressure has dropped and then gets high is a Horrible feeling!



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