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New here and have questions
2 Replies
birdcaller - September 1

Hi. I'm new here. My daughter who is now 23 was diagnosed with fibro at age 16. She is starting graduate school and works very hard to overcome her limitations. One thing that would really help her is a Handicap Parking Permit tag from the NYS DMV but her doctor says she doesn't qualify and won't fill out the form. It is hard for her to walk far to find parking and carry books and a handbag (often in the cold and rain) so this would help her avoid another
aggravating source of pain. Do any of you have a tag? One of the issues a person needs to suffer from to qualify is neurological or muscular limitations.While she is reluctant to be labeled, she is open to get the tag so I know it is something she realizes is worth it.


conniehurts - September 17

There was a time when I couldn't walk thru the grocery store without fear of falling and my son was taking cello lessons at the university where parking for visitors is very limited and meant walking up a very long steep hill which would have been impossible. I had to beg but finally convinced my dr that I just plain couldn't walk that far. I used an electric cart when shopping when I was lucky enough to find one that was actually charged up. It took a lot of continuous begging on my part and he finally gave me a temporary sticker. In our state there is a distance you have to be able to walk without assistance but perhaps because of the steep terrain and the severe weather we can often get a dr to give a little. All I can say is to keep at the dr for a sticker. If she has to exaggerate (or tell the FULL truth of how it is) she should be able to get one. I do not have a sticker now because I don't drive anymore and if i cant walk my husband does all the shopping and my son is now out on his own. Your daughter should qualify because fibro causes muscle degeneration. Good luck to her!
Gentle hugs. Peace Connie


Sympathetisoul - April 21

Hi Birdcaller, I just wanted to let you know that I was able to get a disability tag in the state of Michigan. I have Fibromyalgia, RA, IBS, and GERD just to name a few but I am not able to walk far. I use a cane but if I go to a store I either use the ogle cart or my husband pushes me in a chair. If you are unable to walk it. Go back to him and let him know why you have tu have it. I am sympathetic to all those with Fibro as even some who have it are not very understanding that this is a disease that owns you. Meaning what works for one does not necessarily work for the next person. Each person has their own level of it. So when you hear someone tell you just exercise or watch what you eat. I'm so glad that worked for you however, I can barely get out of bed half the time, so just getting up and getting dressed and going out getting my coffee and walking to the chair is my exercise for the day. So good for all those that can get by doing the extra things and I'm just praying that I will be you someday. Hope you can get her tag for her.



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