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new here and have a question
12 Replies
aprilhct - June 22

i was diagnosed with fibro 2 years ago and have read everything i can on it. my question is this a symptom of fibro too...i was watching a show and i swear he called someone a wrong name and when i played it back it was the right name....what i am trying to say is i am hearing people say things they are not i going crazy?


nikita3 - June 22

I've found that Fibromyalgia affects my mind in many different ways and it becomes more pronounced when I haven't had enough sleep. Sometimes I forget things I should know, sometimes I misplace things, sometimes I think I see something that isn't there, sometimes I feel like I'm wandering around in a dream-like state and sometimes I feel tense or anxious for no apparent reason. It is quite possible that it is the Fibromyalgia that has contributed to you hearing the wrong name. How in general were you feeling at the time it happened?


January - June 22

This occasionally happens to everyone, so don't be too concerned about it!

But I agree with Nikita, sometimes we fibro folk get what's called "brain fog" when we don't think clearly, get forgetful and spacy. Usually it's during a flare of increased pain or exhaustion and it goes away. Best to have a sense of humor about it!


aprilhct - June 22

thank you for your words of encouragement. i thought i was going Schizo. as i had a couple of symptoms. when i looked up brain fog all it said was that you forget i know its more complicated than forgetting things. thank you all


Jocelyn - June 22

I work full time and make notes everywhere so that I will remember what needs to be done. Years ago, I would never need a note. So....brain fog is a part of it and hearing things differently, which I have done, I believe, is because with Fibr we lose our concentration so we are really not always keyed in like we used to be. So..our minds hear what it thinks it hears. Oh, January, said....humor is what we have to have.


kvc33 - June 23

For me, seeing things that aren't there is a symptom of medication withdrawal. It doesn't happen very often, I think I see an object and then I look again and it isn't there. Then I realize that i must have just seen it in my mind. Beware of medications that can alter your perceptions.


fatiguecare - June 27


I am working in multinational company as a Executive. But from few days i did not feel good because i have Fibromyalgia problem. And its get bad effect on my life and my carrier also. So please let me know what i want to do? and if you have any suggestion for me then reply me.

Thank You


Jocelyn - June 27


I am not having medication withdrawals and am on very little for my Fibro. I work in accounting and I swear I typed a number and I will look back and a digit is missing. I figure it has something to do with the brain and the Fibro. This can happen several times during the day. The more fatigued the worse it gets for me. Best to you.


January - July 1

Silly fibro stories! I was on this site very late one night, talking with someone, and I swear she had written "It's my birthday today." So I finished up my response to her with warm birthday wishes. She came on and said well, thanks for the birthday wishes, but her birthday was a couple months ago! I could still see her post in my head, with the words saying it was her birthday! I couldn't believe it, I went back and re-read everything and it wasn't there! Nothing about her birthday… but I saw it! I think maybe I was so tired, I had a little mini-dream. So we had a good laugh about it. Not to worry about little things!


January - July 1

fatiguecare - Have you been to a doctor? Did they diagnose you with fibromyalgia? What are the problems you are having?


aprilhct - July 1

thank you everyone, its a little scary when the only thing you can find about fibro fog is that you forget things. I just wanted to be sure. Unfortunately i now have to deal with eczema and herpes.


January - July 5

aprilhct -- how are you doing?


Jocelyn - July 6

January, I loved the silly stories! I've been there and done that! I just don't sweat it anymore either :) It is funny and you just have to laugh! I will say, when it first starts to happen one wonders if one is going crazy, but after being on this site, you realize it is just the fibro and most likely fatigue! This site is great for things like this!



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