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New Here - I found the site informative (unlike my Dr)
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Kazz - January 23

I thought Id drop in here and say Hi after reading through the info on this site - I started having symptoms of FMS about 3 years ago - I dont know if this is the cause or how I got it but I had IVF to fall pregnant - I had severe hyperemesis (threw up the entire pregnancy and it got worse as the pregnancy progressed I lost 30kg which is about 60 pounds while I was pregnant - I had 5 surgeries including all my teeth out, surgery for kidney stones, gall bladder out etc because of the pregnancy - my husband then got very sick and nearly died he was in hospital for over a month and then at home in my care for about 6 months then when he went back to work I just kind of fell apart - tiredness, nausea, aches, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel, couldnt remember things, tingling hands and finger tips etc etc - but my Dr just babied me saying Oh hmmm Yes come and see me in 2 days and then the same again in 2 days but he might stretch it out to a week etc etc - he then put me in hospital for nausea and vomitting and tiredness but after a week I was booted out as the hospital was closing for renovations - I was told they didnt know why I was sick and tired and that I was just there to get rehydrated - after that I started "Dr Shopping" each new Dr said it was "Just Depression" I argued this saying I had been fighting depression and anxiety for years and I knew what it felt like and it wasnt this I usually got the answer - Depression comes in many forms - Here take these anti-depressants and sent away - after 5 Drs I found one who listened to me and took all the tests he could think of for the aches, insomnia, numbness and tingling in my hands, nausea, headaches, forgetting things like words easily etc etc and found nothing so sent me to a rheumatologist - he diagnosed the FMS and CFS straight away told me to take Endep (an antidepressant here in Australia that helps you reach a deeper level of sleep) then told me to look up FMS on the internet and learn to live with it and that was it! Anyway 2 years on I am feeling better (although I still have my days) I work in our family business (mechanics workshop) in the office but being our own business I can sleep in if I need to and "Nanna Nap" (and Im only 33 how depressing LOL) during the day if need be - if Im tired and try to fight through it I get bad nausea so Ive given up trying to fight it. I think that the most frustrating part of this condition isnt the pain (pain I can deal with to a degree) or the tiredness (unless Im dead tired and just cant sleep and end up getting around looking like the walking dead) but I used to have such a good memory for things like names and just general words in the English language - these days I will have a conversation with someone and the word I want just wont come to me - or Ill be half way through a conversation and think of something I want to say when the person Im talking to stops talking but when its my turn to talk I forget what I really wanted to say.. Going out can be a nightmare especially when you go to the car and remember you have forgotten something so you go back inside get that something - go out to the car again and remember something else you forgot etc .. this can go on for anything like 5-6 trips back in the house .. sometimes I dont know if my husband is taking advantage of the condition because I ask him why he did or didnt do something and he says that he told me and I agreed - I cant remember the conversation at all?? Very frustrating - anyway thats my long story short (well it wasnt very short at all was it?.. just be greatful I didnt go through everything! - I probably couldnt remember it all anyway LOL)



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