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new here - can i ask for some advice?
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Donna R - January 28

I’ve come across this site on my internet travels for information and wondered if you kind people could help me.
I recently attended rheumatologist as I’ve been suffering from pain and stiffness in my hands, exp right for 3 yrs now. This was initially diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. I’ve had decompression op but to no avail. Due to history of rheumatoid arthritis in family I was referred for early tests. The Dr said 9 out of 18 of my trigger points are tender and I have joint hypermobility (4/9 on beighton score). I have weak grip and finger & thumb abduction.
On reading up on symptoms of fibromyalgia, I suffer quite a few of them, esp tiredness. Does this or is it likely to mean that fibromyalgia is developing?
Id appreciate ANY info anyone can give me as I’m so sick of the pain and numbness and I’m finding life very difficult due to poor dexterity in my hands and I’m sick of living on mind-numbing painkillers which leave me dizzy & spaced-out. This is not answer with 2 young children to care for as my reactions slow. GP isn’t much help, just keeps handing out painkillers!


[email protected] - January 28

Hi Donna: To me it would be best to consult your rheumatologist since you have RA in the family you may need to continue monitoring yourself for this disease. He did not say anything about fibromyalgia and I'm sure he hasn't ruled it out because you are here on this site. I hope you do not have either of these conditions so let's hope and pray for a better outcome for you. I have posted quite alot if you like to read I've answered as many questions that are asked and this will probaly be my last night to answer questions as it too is getting harder for me to work and keep up this pace. I wish you lots of luck and hugs and support and if anyone has questions or wants my advice you can e-mail me. Thankyou



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