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Emira - April 16

Hey all,

About 4 years ago I was diagnosed by my rheumatologist as being fybromyalgic, although my GP refused to believe this exists.
I have been in remission but lately am lapsing back. I suffer with anxiety as well, and have a terrible fear of having some awful disease.
Anyway, I have been suffering for about 4 months with my jaw popping out and clicking, so painful. Til I came on here I had no idea it was a symptom. Am also aching all over, my left leg particularly, shoulders, et... all the usual places.In fact so sore its sore to the touch,. Have been getting numbness and heat feelings on my feet.
It sounds to me like its come back with a vengeance. Are there any thoughts to treqatments, I have an appointment with my doc tomorrow, I would like to chat to her about it, but am afraid of being told its in my mind again.
I am allergic to ibuprofen, asprin etc,, due to having chronic urticaria, a nice allergic skin condition.



JJ1 - April 17

Hey Emira. You definitely need to be seeing someone regularly who "belieives in fibromyalgia". Your GP is not doing you any favors by being in denial. Can you see your rheumatologist regularly? A rheumatoligist can better determine the proper approach to your illness and remedies and check for other illnesses that can cause similar symptoms. Good luck. I hope your doc appointment goes ok. JJ


Fantod - April 17

Hello Emira - You need to find a rheumotologist who can address your FMS. I'm sorry but your GP is living in the dark ages. Ibuprofen, aspirin and the like do not alleviate pain from FMS. You should be using something like Amitriptyline or Cymbalta. I would call your local hospital and find out which rheumotogist in your area treats FMS. They may also be aware of a local support gorup which would be a great place to find out what doctors treat FMS patients well.
Good luck to you.


mumsey55 - April 17

HI Emira, I agree with the others. You DEFINITELY need to get away from your GP as far as the Fibro go. All she has to do is look it up on the internet and she will see that it is a "REAL" syndrome. And look how many syndromes ended up being diseases??? Besides a Rheumatologist that is a excellent doctor to see, you can also see a Phsiatrist, who is also very very good with treating Fibro. Also, I learned the hard way, that you can make an appointment with your local pain doctors that treat pain only, without a referral from another doctor. At least in PA you can. Where you can't even touch your skin, it sounds like your nerve endings are now involved and you need something like the Cymbalta plus something for the pain. The only way it is in your head, is if your head hurts too!!! Which mine did, with this last flare. I hurt from my head to my toes, and everything in between, in severe pain!! Good luck in finding a doctor who believes in Fibro. Sit on the phone one day if you have to and make calls to the different offices and ask them to ask their doctor how she/he treats Fibro. That will give you a good indication of if you want to go there or not. Let us hear back from you on if you find yourself a good Fibro doctor!! Joyce


Fantod - April 18

I was mulling over your situation with your GP again. I think that your doctor has forgotten that the Hippocratic oath states they should do no harm. Ignoring your problems is detrimental to you and your overall health. If it were me, I would find a new GP as well. Also, have you seen a dentist who specializes in TMJ? They may recommend a bite splint which would be woren at night to align your jaw and allow the muscles to rest. I hope you are able to get some help and soon.



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