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Gmasboy - October 9

I was diagnosed almost 4 yrs now 43 ... and have a question...
With all of the reading that I have done about Fibro..I have read that the pain is all over..but mine seems to be primarly on the left side of my body...left arm, elbow, wrist even hard to doctor says this can happen....
Does this happen to others? The pain primarily on one side of the body...this is only the upper part of my body...
Thank you for your insight...


BrandyO - October 9

Hi Gmasboy.... I have to say that I have always had the pain all over. Sometimes the pain will be more intense in my upper body and other times my lower but I always have it on both sides. Do you have any other symptoms like tingling, numbness, electrical shock feelings?
I'll be interested in what others say about this. Take care and I hope you feel better soon! Brandy


JJ1 - October 10

i do not have pain all over but also have a FMS diagnosis. I have constant pain in two or three spots then I have random pain that will come and go in various parts of my body (like I have pulled a muscle, but haven't or like I have whiplash in the neck, but I haven't done anything to my neck). This random pain can last a few days or a few months but always goes away. My main concerns are fibrofog and memory issues.


cutiepie65 - October 10



Stephanie417 - October 10

YES !!.. I was confused by this as well.. But I think that it is a misconception.. I think the characteristic points that they check for are usualy uniform on both sides.. My pain is about 99.9 percent on my right side.. I have almost no pain in the left side at all.. So yes, this can happen.. !! Good luck


Gmasboy - October 11

Thank you...all of you... I thought that I was an odd one..LOL...
On my left side I get different types of pain or discomfort...
Wrist and fingers will tingle, some times numbness in the arm and left foot.. I also have RLS which doesn't help at all at times...
And the worse is the extreme senistive times clothing hurts to wear...
Then I have days even weeks with little pain...
I tend to forget alot .... when I go into a flare notonly does my memory get bad, but I have severe jaw pain it's hard to eat..


barbar - October 11

Gmasboy, You probably do have pain all over but just don't know it. I was laways surprised when I'd go to the doctor's and they'd poke a spot I thought was just fine, only to discover that it really hurt (and continued to hurt for hours after they'd poked me). You may also be experiencing different kinds of pain or your routine posture might be exacerbating one spot or another. But remember, in general "a brew will do."



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