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New Drug for FMS
5 Replies
Fantod - October 15

A new drug should be on the market at the end of this month for the treatment of FMS. It is called milnacipran. It is good for both depression and chronic pain. It has been marketed in Europe for quite some time under another name. I found this information strictly by accident while surfing the web. I will see my rheumy next week and we will be having a chat about this new drug.


dwilmoth - October 17

Please keep us posted


VictoriaB - October 27

Fantod, I am researching the best long-term meds for pain out there, what helps you??


Fantod - October 27

Interesting question VictoriaB. I use a mix of conventional and holisitic medicine to keep FMS under control. It is not foolproof but my system seems to work most of the time. I take some conventional medication but in very low doses. I happen to be very intolerant of modern pharmacology. This problem extends to just about every class of medication out there. I use Amitriptyline (25mg), Gabapentin (100 mg), and Cymbalta (30 mg) . I also use the Flector pain patch, and a topical pain reliever called Ketoprofen. I also have a nutrionist, use accupunture and some homeopathic remedies. For the most part and as long as I respect my limits I manage fairly well. Take care.


corgimom - October 28

I was in a drug study for Milnacipran for over 2-1/2 years. It did help with the pain, but there were also side effects that your MD should discuss with you before prescribing. I took the highest dose, 100 mg. twice per day. I experienced intense sweating, itching, nausea, and sleep disturbances that couldn't be helped with a sleep med. The one side effect that made me discontinue with this study is high blood pressure. I always had low BP until I started on Milnacipran. I was put on Zestril to bring the BP down, but it only helped a bit. Two weeks after being off the Milnacipran I was taken off the Zestril and my BP is back down to my usual 90/60, not the 140/100 that it rose to on the Milnaciprin. It has been at the FDA for approval since March 2008 and there is supposed to be a decision by the end of Oct. 2008. Like I said, it did help with the pain, but just be careful and speak with your MD about the side effects that can accompany this drug. Hopefully it will work for others without causing other health problems. Take Care everyone.


VictoriaB - October 29

Thanks Fantod for your response. I do not respond well to conventional methods. I currently take Cymbalta 30mg which helps some with my pain and gives me some energy. I was on a pain patch but couldn't tolerate it. I take Lorcet which really helps but for couple of hours. I get massage every week and am looking for accupunture. But I live so far out there isn't any near by. I want to try the ph thing to see if that works for me. I need something long acting for pain so I guess I will have to continue with the process of elimination! Thanks and Fibro Hugs



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