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New doc....more CONFUSION
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inpainandirritated - September 9

Hello Ladies,

Well I went to a pain doc since my rheumy wouldn't give me any pain meds ( the drug seeker that I am, lol)and thinks that Effexor will fix all my probs. So anyway he's the drug guy and has no problems giving me narcotics since he could see I was clearly in pain, couldn't sit still lower back hurt too much plus with the headache and the stabbing pain that comes and goes anywhere it pleases...but becuz I have degenerative disc disease he is not hanging his hat on the Fibro Dx. He thinks I am just having pain from the protruding discs in my neck and the 2 bulging ones in my lower back.

So now what????? I really believe I have Fibro becuz have previously had disc surgery (10 yrs ago)and the pain was contained to left shoulder and headaches. Which I now have but both shoulders and down both arms, down the back, above the butt and below, down both legs consistent with what I have read about fibro. His explanation does not account for the tender points pain either.

lucky me picks a pain doc who specializes in spinal pain. I even got him off the National Fibromyalgia Association website.

We have enough problems without doctors making us crazy too...;(

anyone have any similar stories?


Fantod - September 10

I have degenerative disc disease too - lower back. I was diagnosed with FMS but the ddd is also a major contributor to my litany of issues.

Before you go completely mad, let this doctor have some time to work things out. With ddd you can have referred pain so he may actually be correct in his assessment. My pain specialist initially thought that it may be all referred pain and that turned out not to be the case. I had a pain cycle going that had to be broken using injections which really helped. But then, it became clear that I also had Fibromyalgia.

I know how frustrated you are at this juncture. Believe me, better it should be referred pain than FMS. Hang in there and lets see if this ptreatment protocol makes any difference. Take care.



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