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new and full of q's
3 Replies
lmb2 - May 22

Hello, my name is Lisa. I have not yet received a diagnosis..... well one that explains everything anyway. A year and a half ago i had a bad fall on the stairs (darn fluffy slippers lol), it really messed up my back and since then i have not felt the same. I've been diagnosed with so many things over the past year and a half it's ridiculous. so i was thinking.. what if it's not 100 different things, maybe it's all coming from ONE thing. Then I was talking to a friend across the country who has fibromyalgia (i hardly knew what it was at that point) and she told me how familiar my symptoms sounded so i decided to investigate. Turns out that back injuries can lead to fibro and ALL of my other symptoms are on the lists of symptoms. I think she may be right, but my current doctor wasn't listening to me. I got the feeling he was laughing at me inside and thought i was a hypochondriac or something. he wouldn't give me any referrals or anything. I've also moved around a LOT and haven't really spoke with any one doc about everything at once until him. I have an appointment coming up in a few days w/ a new doctor. Is there anything i can tell him to get him to hear me and to look at the big picture instead of trying to treat everything seperately like the other doc? any ideas would be appreciated. Also the past few weeks i've been having this new symptom that was actually concerning me. it's like tenderness in my chest (from my armpits down the outer sides of my breasts). After reading some of your posts it seems like it may just be another (but new to me) symptom of it. is this normal??


lumper - May 23

Hi lisa, I know exactly what you mean about the doctor not listening. It took 10 years, 3 general practioners, 2 chiropracters, 2 physical therapist, and a psychologist before the psychologist suggested that maybe all these symptoms were from the same thing. I actually had a dr tell me that the pain in my neck and the headaches were unrelated and he gave me 2 different meds for them each. It may take some time but don't give up. Lori


lmb2 - May 24

yeah, i was actually on 5 different medications at one point... i ended up getting 2nd opinions and found out that the only one i needed was the pain medication lol. The others were ADD meds, antibiotics, overactive bladder meds, and something to help me sleep... The 2nd opinion doctor still didn't put it all together obviously, but at least he saw that it was crazy to be treating so many seperate things and took me off all of them. now... over the past year i've been diagnosed w/ endometriosis (even though the doc didn't ACTUALLY see any proof), had a tonsillectomy because of tonsil pain, diagnosed w/ ADD because of my forgetfulness and hard time concentrating and a bunch of other little things like overactive bladder, TMJ, allergies (cuz of my constant stuffy nose), and no doctor can seem to confirm a diagnosis on my skin problems. No doctor has bothered to look into the damage on my back either to see if it could have done something to my spine (resulting in CNS problems which can lead to fibro) it's all been too much and i'm so ready to be able to say .... this IS why all of this is happening to me..... and for people to stop saying that maybe i'm just depressed and it's depression pain or that i'm a hypochondriac and i can't possibly have so many problems. I'm just so frustrated because without a diagnosis, what am i supposed to tell people? they think i'm just self-diagnosing and over-exaggerating it all.... I almost hung up the phone on my mother in law the other day because i couldn't seem to convince her that this is much more than the aches people can get w/ depression (i've actually seen a psych. doc who said it's not depression anyway) and it just hurt me so much to know that even my family is doubting me and thinking i'm exaggerating things so much. it's like.. even though i now know it's probably something that has no cure, it will be easier to deal with it emotionally to just have an actual diagnosis in hand....


jlh - May 25

Hi Lisa
Sounds like exatly what most of us have been through chasing doctors and feeling like hyperchondriac. Yes I have the tenderness in my chest as well as down the outer sides of my breasts. You should see a rheumatolagist. He should be able to check trigger points and diagnose fm if thats what it is. I was diagnosed about 7 years ago after struggling for an answer for years before that. Remember ,even if you have an actual diagnosis in hand still be prepared for people not understanding. Its is not a recognised illness and u will find that many have never heard of it. It will be up to you to educate those close to you then hopefully they will support you. I hid my fm for many years pretending to others that I was fine, until recently, when I got to the point I could not hide it any more because I felt that my work collegeues family and friends were beginning to think I was being moody when in actual fact I was in pain and could not be bothered to talk to anyone. It is a great relief for those closest to you to understand. Im still dont winge about it to anyone but at least if Im having a bad day , people around me understand why and that seems to help me through it a bit better. Also, there is no cure but there is certainly good management that will help you . I have found many tips on this site that I am utilising and there has certaily been a huge improvement in my healtrh lately..........Jenny



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