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burtster - October 30

i am new to this fibro i think i have it i went to the dr and he was doing some blood work and i go back in a couple weeks he gave me some anti inflammitories and some muscle relaxer. i have pain in my elbowes knees muscle spasoms at nighttime my kiddnee area my lower back with my middle between my shoulder blades and my shoulders i get headackes but not as often as i uesed to when i was younger my feet will become cramped sometimes my body ackes as i have the flu i am always tired and i sleep like i uses too but i am so tired and ackey but out of nowhere some days i dont feel much of anything i sometimes get pains in my fingers and some points on my back and my left big toe sometimes gets hot and i sometimes find it hard to find words to discribe thing in a normal conversation and i tend to forget things easaly and sometimes the back of my head makes my whole head feel like a flash or sense of daydream comes over my whole head latly and makes me want to sleep while my brain is thinking about something and my gums around my teeth kinda hurt sort of like i have been eating really sharp cheese and all i want to do is bight down. then again some days i dont feel so bad just a small ake like i am getting over the flu then it comes back
Am i going insaine and just imaging this or what someone please explane



axxie - October 31

Welcome to the site burtster, sorry to read you are in so much pain. I understand the pain, can be anything. You need to wait until your doctor goes through the process of elimination of other illnesses that mimic Fibromyalgia.

It's good that your doctor has given you some anti-inflammitories and some muscle relaxer. That should help help you relax a little and hopefully feel less pain and have some quality sleep.

As you are well aware, no sleep equals stress which equals pain. It's a viscious cycle and you need to understand that you need sleep.

May I ask how old you are and how long you have had your symptoms?

Take it easy and has you give us more information and wait for your tests to come in, we will be able to help you decipher your aches and pains.

Your in good hands.




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