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Neuropsychological test finally done. It was a long day!
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BrandyO - October 3

My neuropsychological test are finally done. It was a long day! The test ran 7 hours long (minus a half hour lunch break and two quick potty breaks) all face to face with the lady doing the testing. All questions were asked directly by her except the one math test that I was allowed scrap paper and 15 minutes to answer as many of the problem on two pages that I could. Believe me I couldn't. Some of the problems were algebra. Haven't had to do that since high school and I'm 52, lol. Heck, I can barely remember my times tables. There was a spelling test with 25 words that I probably only spelled 85 % right. Some words I never even heard of! Other parts of the test were frustrating, some questions hard and some were a piece of cake. Anything that had to do with short term memory I bombed at big time. That is mostly why I took the test. My Mother had a bad case of dementia the last 15-18 years of her life and she had 3 sisters who all died with Alzheimer disease. So with my fibro fog and cognitive problems I am scared to death that I might get Alzheimer's too. My neurologist, an MS specialist, is looking into the possibility of MS altho to this date I have no lesions on my brain. She said it is rare but possible to be dx with MS though these test alone Personally I don't think it is MS just a bad case of fibro fog and just getting older. I go on the 16th to get the results. One thing for sure, these test will make you feel kind of dumb! Has any one else had them? Take care and soft hugs to you all. Brandy


AmberRose - October 3

GOOD LUCK on your test results.....i canonly imagien how horribel it is to wait that long!! But hopefully its nothing to serious! (dont worry im 26 and i never got math even when i was in highschool you probably did better than i could!lol)


Virg - October 4

AH HA....that's why you've been AWOL.Missed your hugs. You must be
exhausted after such a day. But a job well done. Have a great rest.


Stephanie417 - October 4

Im happy for you that this part is over... Bless you for your patience I could nnever wait that long for results.. Im sure you will be fine,but you will be in my prayers..I wish the best of luck to you !..Im glad your long test day is over !!


TERESA - October 4

Brandy, I'm so glad that you got that over. I'm sure you are still anxietious, but I feel sure that everthing will turn out alright! Hope to here from you soon! God will bless you!


Jeanie - October 4

I got scared about alzheimer's too and call the Drs. office. The nurse told me that if I think I have it, then I don't. Because people with Alzheimer's don't know they have it. God bless you & hang in there.



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