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Nerve damage to finger and low pulse rate, not very happy.
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fibromite.u.k. - December 16

Hi, thanks to those of you who wished me well for the op I had two weeks ago to remove a lump from my finger. I now have the bandage off, but much to my surprise I realised that my finger tip and all down one side of my finger felt wrong. Very numb and wierd. I saw my own doctor today and she says it is nerve damage and that a nerve or more than one nerve must have been cut during the op and that I may never get any feeling back. She also said there is a small possibility of the feeling coming back in six to twelve months, but that it is unlikely. I am very shoked and upset about it as the feeling is uncomfortable and I was not warned that this might happen. I was warned that there could be bleeding, stiffness, swelling or infection but at no point did anyone mention nerve damage. My doctor is referring me back to the surgeon who did the op, but she says she doesn't think he will be able to do anything about it. I was also telling her that I feel very unwell and tired and keep getting a bit of vertigo and when she took my blood pressure, it was a strange reading 130/96 which she said was very high. I have to go back and have it read again on Christmas eve. She has also done a lot of blood work on me. I am so down about all this, it has been such a horrible year for me with one health problem after another, besides all my usual health problems. I just wondered if anyone knows anything about nerve damage after an op, or about the fact that the difference between my two blood pressure readings is so low and what it means. Thank-you for reading this.


Noca - December 16

After having surgery on my right tibia, some nerves in my right foot were permanently destroyed. I can now no longer feel the left side of my right foot, for life. I am okay with it and am happy the pain is gone.


kvc33 - December 16

I'm sorry you are feeling distressed. It was wrong of them to not warn you about possible nerve damage. I hope that in time you will no longer be aware of the odd feeling. I think that many operations carry a risk of nerve damage unfortunately. I am wishing a happy Christmas for you despite your bad year.



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