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Need your help, guys!
6 Replies
barbar - November 6

Hey, guys, I need your help. I have been really sickfor the past week and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better any time soon. I can't tell whether it's a fibro flare-up or a bad case of the flu. I've got chills and fever, nausea, sick as a dog, weak, loss of appetite (can only eat bananas), want to throw up, everything hurts, light sensitivity, etc, etc. My doctor and I have the pain basically under control but that only emphasizes all the other symptoms. I just want to get rid of this thing. I was so hoping it was Lyme disease but the definitive tests say it is not. I am really desperate. I just want to sit and apply pressure to the sorest spots (I guess we don't have the pain under control). This particular pain is from an operation I had 5 years ago. If I had known at the time the complications of surgery done by the fibro, I would not have done it. The fibro just makes the surgical scars hurt forever. So, I need your support and your prayers guys. I am a woman of faith and so prayers would mean a lot. Thanks.


mmeyer - November 6

Hi Barbar -

You are in my prayers.


Virg - November 6

Hi barbar, my prayers are with yours. I too take a lot of strenght and help through prayers. Faith is a constant with and in my life. I'm sorry to hear you're so sick. I had a bug about 2 months ago, just when I had to start getting ready for our move. Literaly vomiting and diahrea at the same time. (sorry for being so graphic) spinning and pain everywhere. It lasted a week and my family thought I had some kind of food poisening. Take your time to get well. God Bless.


Amyloo - November 6

Hi Barbara, I am praying for you. I think it sounds like flu; have you seen your doctor? They can give you an anti viral shot right there in the office and then an Rx, but it only works if you catch it right away. Sometimes we can put everything that happens to us under the "fibro" catagory but we can also get sick with regular stuff too. God bless you, Amy


carm - November 6

my prayers are with you too barbara


barbar - November 7

Thank you guys very much for all your prayers and supporting words. I am going to see my doctor today and hopefully get some relief. In the meantime, my boss is letting me take Thursday off so that gives me a very long weekend to rest and take care of myself. I must have some kind of calcium deficiency because all I can eat are bananas. I'll ask the doc about that, too.


Arthur - November 8

Dar Sir/ Madam,

Here is a good resource on fibromyalgia and please if u think this article is good spread it -
- and -



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